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Who is Silanmakeup From TikTok? Is She On Instagram?

Who is Silanmakeup From TikTok? Is She On Instagram?

Silanmakeup serves as a TikTok celebrity and a makeup artist. She is not on Wikipedia but she is quite active on her Instagram page.

Silanmakeup Wikipedia: Know About Her TikTok Videos

Her information is not available on Wikipedia yet. However, she is an emerging personality and has her bio on other websites.

Silanmakeup is with the name @silanmakeup on Tik Tok. She is equally active in uploading videos on the platform. She has 1.1 million followers with 58.2 million likes on the page.


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She has described herself as a Mystery & Makeup on the Tik Tok profile. We can spot numerous creative makeup videos on her profile. Moreover, she has sectioned the video as a Grusel one, Horror Fakten, Makeup hacks, and Sinnfreie Dinge.

Her Age: How Old Is The Artist?

Silanmakeup age is not given on the internet platform yet. We do know that her birthday is on January 15 from one of her Instagram posts.

She is a Capricon as per the zodiac sign. Based on her appearance and content, one can easily predict that she is in her twenties. 

Most of the makeup artists and channels on social media platforms tend to be young people. Young people are usually in touch with new trends and have a tendency to learn new things quickly. So the industry is dominated by young minds.

What Is Her Real Name?

Silanmakeup real name is Silan Huseyinoglu. Since she is 

The lady lives in Hamburg, Germany. Nevertheless, she has earned name and fame with her stage name. That’s why many people might not know her original name.

Explore Her on Instagram

Silanmakeup is with the name silanmakeup on her Instagram.

Going through her profile, she has uploaded 145 posts to the date with 103k followers on the page. She has clearly mentioned the followers on her Tik Tok, her hometown, and her email details.

Just like in TikTok, she has sectioned the videos and pictures. Silan has been classified as PR, Glow Wien, NYX Events, etc.

Know About Her Boyfriend

Silan hasn’t mentioned anything about her partner yet. 

It seems that she is passionate about her career at the moment. The lady hasn’t uploaded any pictures or videos of any guys yet. We assume she likes to maintain her personal life hidden from the media world.

We have to wait until she announces anything on the entertainment platform.

Silanmakeup Net Worth: How much does she earn?

Her total estimated net worth is not given on the internet platform. Mikayla Nogueira who is one of the competitors of silanmakeup makes $2 million in a year. 

Thus, Silanmakeup might be making similar, if not, more than that of her competitors.

No doubt, she must be earning a decent amount of income through Instagram and Tik Tok videos. We can see many of her fans following her tutorials and giving feedback on them. 

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