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What happened to Alberto Wey Zapata? Motocross Rider Accident And Death

What happened to Alberto Wey Zapata? Motocross Rider Accident And Death

Wey Zapata is a one-armed motocross rider. He died because of an accident that happened during the race. Let’s read further on his Wikipedia through this article. 

Alberto Wey Zapata is a motocross rider who was competitive despite running without his left arm. He is an inspiration for many people. 

He became an idol of tenacity when he returned to racing in motocross despite an arm’s amputation.

Wey Zapata Wikipedia

The Wikipedia of Wey Zapata is not published officially.

However, he has become one of the idols for many youngsters and to those who are demotivated because of the disabilities.

Despite being disabled because of the same profession, he chose to continue racing due to his love and enthusiasm for biking. His motivation and dedication have set an example for his fan followers. 

He continued competing despite the injuries of an accident in Chubut and achieved his first podium after his amputation. His passion for his motorbike didn’t let him down.

Zapata had received a standing ovation on each lap when he was returned to racing even after his health professionals suggested giving up his passion.

Wey Zapata Idad Age

Wey Zapata was at his idade (age) 23 years.

He had broken his collarbone and had his left arm amputated after losing his Chevrolet Corsa Classic control on November 15 last year. Yet, this year he could not save himself too.

So many of his followers are saddened because of the ultimate demise of the young Argentine.

Wey has often shared about his family on his Instagram. It must have been hard for the family at this time. Our condolences to his family and friends at this sad moment in time.


Wey Zapata Accident And Cause Of Death

The accident ended in shock after one-armed rider, Alberto Zapata, was tragically killed following an unusual accident during a race.

On Sunday, a Motocross competition was held in the Cordovan town of San Agustin. He was killed being run over by two competitors after losing control of the two-wheeler and falling from the bike during the same competition. 

When the two riders ran over Zapata, the injuries eventually caused his death.

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