Aeko Catori Brown Wikipedia, Age, Height, Instagram, Parents

Aeko Catori Brown

Aeko Catori Brown

Aeko Catori Brown is the famous star kid. He is the son of one of the greatest American rappers and a musician Chris Brown. He is very cute has been gathering to of fans and followers after him as he is too adorable. Being a star kid he is privileged of most of the things as compare to other kids so he has been staying show whether if he is with his dad or in his social media handle.

Aeko Catori Brown has been on the headline as soon as he was born. He has been on the limelight and is a paparazzi as many people hope to click his photos and post it on their social media. Aeko has received everything a star kid would hope for and would get across the nation.

Name Aeko Catori Brown
Birthday 2019
Age 10 months
Gender Male
Nationality American
Parents Ammika Harris, Chris Brown
Siblings Royalty Brown
Net Worth $50 Million
Married/Single Single

10 Facts on Aeko Catori Brown:

  1. Aeko Catori Brown was born on November 20, 2019, in the United States of America.
  2. Aeko’s age as of September is just 10 months old yet he has been on the show since a very early age.
  3. Despite being a son of a famous American rapper and been on the limelight as soon as he was born he isn’t featured in Wikipedia yet.
  4. His height is approximately 73cm however his actual height is yet to be revealed.
  5. Aeko Catori Brown is the son of Chris Brown who is a famous American rapper and a musician and Ammika Harris who is an American model.
  6. He has featured a lot in his father’s social media especially on Instagram as he isn’t available on his own social media as he is too young to use it.
  7. Ammika Harris and her boyfriend Chris Brown aren’t together yet however they take good care of their child Aeko.
  8. Aeko has a sibling sister named Royalty Brown who was also born with a different mother.
  9. Aeko’s net worth isn’t available while his father Chris’s net worth is more than 50 million dollars.
  10. His father’s real name is Christopher Maurice Brown but is famous for his stage name Chris Brown.

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