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Who is actress Akiley Love from Coming 2 America? Meet her on Instagram

Who is actress Akiley Love from Coming 2 America? Meet her on Instagram

Akiley Love Coming 2 America: Akiley Love, known for playing Princess Tinashe in Coming 2 America, has risen to overnight fame amid the release of the movie. Akiley is a 12-year-old actress; she has spent 4 months training in production alongside Eddie Murphy.

Akiley expressed her interest in comedy at the early age of 5 and knew it is what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. She is also a YouTuber and has been uploading DIY videos since 2017.

Quick Facts:

Name Akiley Love
Birthday 24 January 2009
Age 12 years
Gender Female
Profession Actress
Instagram @akileylove
Youtube Akiley Love

10 Facts About Akiley Love

  1. Akiley Love portrays Princess Tinashe in the 2021 film Coming 2 America. The movie extremely talented cast such as Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, Kiki Layne, etc.
  2. Akiley Love’s age is 12 years as of now; she celebrates her birthday on January 24 every year.
  3. There are no details on Akiley Love’s parents. However, it is known that she lives with her mother and grandmother. Her grandfather lives in Ghana. Moreover, there are no details on her siblings.
  4. Akiley Love has a managed account on Instagram. Her Instagram page has 549 followers (as of March 4, 2021). She has recently been sharing pictures from the set of Coming 2 America. Her user handle is @akileylove.
  5. Akiley also has a YouTube channel where she uploads DIY videos on how to decorate a room, how to apply fake nails, and many more. She has 7.19k subscribers and has received 688,435 views up to now.
  6. Talking about her nationality and ethnicity, Akiley is a Ghana descendant but resides in America. She is American by nationality.
  7. There is no information on which school she attends. However, according to her IMDb profile, she loves solving complex mathematical problems.
  8. There is no information on Akiley’s height, weight, and measurements.
  9. Akiley developed an interest in acting at the age of 5. She knew she wanted to make people laugh through comedy and storytelling. Her sense of humor landed her the role of African princess in the comedy movie “Coming 2 America”.
  10. She is a professionally trained actor and has mastered a variety of acting skills. 

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