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Who is Angela Spelsberg?  Everything On Karl Lauterbach Ex-Wife

Who is Angela Spelsberg?  Everything On Karl Lauterbach Ex-Wife

Is Angela Spelsberg on Wikipedia? Here is everything you need to know about Karl Lauterbach’s ex-wife.

Angela Spelsberg is German Epidemologist. She is recently making appearances on multiple news articles as she is throwing shade over her ex-husband Karl Lauterbach.

Karl Lauterbach is a scientist and politician. Karl has been constantly on the news after the outbreak of coronavirus. He is also an expert on epidemiology. 

Does Angela Spelsberg Have Wikipedia?

Unlike her ex-husband Karl Lauterbach, Angela does not have a Wikipedia page dedicated to herself.

However, she is mentioned on Karl’s Wikipedia page as his ex-wife and mother of their 4 children. 

The couple got married in 1996 and started living separately in 2004. Their divorce became official in 2010. There are no photos available of their children (kinder Fotos). 

She is currently investing her time in studying the coronavirus outbreak. In an interview with RTL, she claimed that the people in Germany have already become immune to the virus. She suggested people abolish the use of masks and start living a normal life.

She explains that the death due to COVID-19 is only 1%, and it is no longer a threat in Germany. However, the research shows otherwise.

Angela Spelsberg Age Explored

Angela Spelsberg is 61 years old, as of March 2021.

However, her exact birth date is not known. She was born and raised in Germany.

Angela Spelsberg Net Worth

The details on the salary and net worth of Angela Spelsberg are yet to be evaluated.

Angela Spelsberg actively worked during the Swine Flu outbreak back in 2011. She is also carrying out a lot of research works for the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Besides working against these major viruses, she has also been a part of many other pieces of research. She has published numerous research and conference papers on Epidemiology. Her contribution in this field might have provided her a decent income.

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