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Crystal Theobald Riverside Wiki: Everything On Her Mother And Parents

Crystal Theobald Riverside Wiki: Everything On Her Mother And Parents

Crystal Theobald from Riverside is the subject of a new Netflix documentary. 

Netflix has recently released a documentary based on the true-crime scene. After a huge success with shows like Unsolved Mysteries, Making a Murderer, and Tiger King. So it was almost inevitable that the video streaming platform would bring another crime story to the audience’s life. 

Crystal Theobald Riverside Wikipedia: Who is she?

Crystal Theobald from Riverside doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography until now. 

Moreover, she was the victim of a gang shooting in Riverside, California in 2006. She became the victim of a gang war that was panning out then as few gang members took hold of the car she was in. 

However, Crystal was not part of or working for any gangs. It seems like she became more like collateral damage. Also, she was a single mother of two children. 

Crystal Theobald Age: How old?

Crystal Theobald was 24 years of age when she was shot and killed. 

Crystal Theobald’ss mother shared her daughter’s story on social media. Following her death at such a young age, it was quite devastating for her mother, Lane Theobald. 

As a result, Lane went on her own investigating spree to find out the killer of her daughter. She used fake social media accounts to talk with the gang members and the driver of the SUV. 

And better late than never, she did find out all the necessary proof through her fake MySpace account. Her story is pretty inspiring and Netflix decided to make a documentary out of it. It is called “Why did you Kill me?”

Crystal Theobald Cause of Death

Crystal Theobald was shot on her head and killed on the spot in Arlanza, Riverside. 

A few gang members came in SUV and shot Crystal’s car. The car was anticipated to be one of the rival gang members but it wasn’t. Instead, she was the one who took the hit. 

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