Ambili Tiktok Real Name & Instagram

TikTok star Ambili Was Arrested – His Real Name And Instagram

TikTok star Ambili Was Arrested – His Real Name And Instagram

Ambili is a TikTok star whose real name is Vignesh Krishna. The police recently arrested him for an alleged rape case.

Back in April 2018, the legal case concerning Telugu Tiktoker Chipada Bhargava, who was accused of raping a 14 years old girl, shocked the whole of India. Now, another Tiktoker named Abmbili has been accused of raping a minor. 

TikTok star Ambili Real Name – Why was He Arrested? 

Ambili aka real name Vignesh Krishna is a Tiktok content creator.

He is popular for make lip-sync, dance and comic video on his Tiktok @__a__m__b__i__l__i__. Likewise, he has amassed over 678.9k followers on the platform. Furthermore, his videos have staggering 15.1 million likes. 

Ambili was recently arrested over an alleged rape case.

Recently, the Vellikulangara police in Kerala handcuffed Ambili for allegedly raping a minor. Apparently, he also made the girl pregnant.

Reports suggest that the TikToker met the young girl over a phone conversation. He supposedly even promised her to get married. 

However, Ambili allegedly took the girl away on a bike and tortured her. 

Find Ambili on Instagram

You can find Ambili from Tiktok on Instagram as Ambili143__official. 

He boasts over 11.4k followers on his IG profile. Likewise, he also has a second Instagram @ambili_vlogs_yo.

Apart from his social career, Vignesh is also an interior designer. His online bio suggests he is employed for a company named DiMORa__HOMES. 

After his arrest, people across social media have forward to condemn his actions. Some are even demanding to take his social accounts down. 

Update on His Case

The police arrested Ambili from Thrissur Medical College Hospital. 

Apparently, the alleged victim’s parents filed a case against him. On the other hand, the girl’s name is protected due to privacy concerns right now.

The case will be reviewed under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences, (POCSO) Act in India. The law harshly punishes people involved in child sexual abuse.

The punishment can range anywhere from imprisonment, fines, and even the death penalty in case of aggravated assault.

Ambili seems around the age of his 20s. Yet, neither Ambili nor his parents have released any officials statement yet. 

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