Andrew Dymock Parents, Girlfriend And School

Who Is Andrew Dymock? Everything On Neo Nazi Student From Bath University

Who Is Andrew Dymock? Everything On Neo Nazi Student From Bath University

Andrew Dymock parents were shocked to find his formation of two proscribed groups. Find out the details on the girlfriend of the Neo Nazi Student.

Andrew is found guilty of terrorism charges.

Reports say that Dymock used an online platform to assemble money for the now-banned organization, which believed in the principle of zero-tolerance to the non-white and the Jewish people.

Moreover, he described homosexuality as a ‘disease.’

The interest of authorities came into existence following his carving Swastika on his partner’s bum. He denied all the allegations stating that his partner set him up.

As per Andrew, his girlfriend failed him to join the banned terrorist group National Action.

Nonetheless, Andrew was found guilty of five charges of encouraging terrorism, four counts of disseminating terrorist publications, possessing racially inflammatory material, and possessing a terrorist document. 

Moreover, he got two fundraising charges for terrorism, stirring up racial hatred and hatred based on sexual orientation.

Andrew Dymock Parents

Andrew Dymock was born to his parents Stella and Dr David Dymock.

His father, David, is a professor of dentistry at Bristol University.

They live in Bath, in the United Kingdom.

Andrew’s parents attended his court hearing. He, who was found guilty of terrorism charges, asked the judge to say goodbye to his father and mother.

He mentioned ‘Thank you for killing me’ to the jurors while his mom, Stella, responded, ‘National Action has done this.’

Who Is His Girlfriend?

Andrew Dymock had a girlfriend whose identity remains undercovered.

The Neo-Nazi student was seen carving a Swastika into his girlfriend’s buttock. 

And the insights of his terrorism all started since the same incident.

Police found the pictures on one of Dymock’s devices showing a swastika cut into his girlfriend’s bum.

Back in January 2019, Andrew said that he used his nails to carve the Swastika cut in one of the interviews.

No records of his girlfriend are available on the media.

School – Neo Nazi Student

Andrew Dymock is a former Aberystwyth University school student.

He studied politics at the university.

Besides, he is prominently known as a neo-nazi student.

His Background Ethnicity

Not many backgrounds of Andrew Dymock have been flaunted on media.

He hails from Bath, in the county of Somerset, England.

There are no details except for his parents Stella and Dr. David Dymock.

Andrew belongs to the white ethnicity.

He holds British nationality.

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