Art Acevedo Wife And Family: Miami Salary Revealed

Art Acevedo Wife And Family: Why is he resigning?

Art Acevedo Wife And Family: Why is he resigning?

Art Acevedo Wife Family Salary Revealed? What is all about his resignation? Read below to know everything about him.

America’s national treasure Art Acevedo (Full name: Hubert Arturo Acevedo) is a former chief of police for the Houston Police Department. Previously, he served at the Austin Police Department as chief police.

56 years old, Acevedo (born July 31, 1964) is an immigrant who was born in Cuba. He along with his family migrated to the United States when he was just 4 years old.

Right after his graduation from the University of La Verne, he started his career in 1986 by serving as a field patrol officer in California Highway Patrol. Moreover, Acevedo is the first Hispanic to head the Houston Police Department.

So, why did he resign from the Houston Police Department? Read below to find out.

Art Acevedo Family And Wife

Art Acevedo’s wife is Tanya Born Acevedo.

We are not sure when he got married but currently, he lives with his beautiful family of 5. Similarly, Art and his wife Tanya are blessed with 3 children; 2 boys (Matthew and Jake) and a girl (Melissa).

He along with his 3 siblings were raised in California.

Police Chief Art Acevedo Salary Revealed

According to the source, Art Acevedo’s salary as Miami’s next chief police is expected to be $300,000.

Previously his net worth at Houston was $280,000. However, his net worth in Miami is yet to be known.

Why Is Acevedo Resigning?

According to CNN, Art Acevedo resigns as a Chief of Police from the Houston Police Department (HPD) in order to lead the Miami Police Department (PD) as a chief.

He resigned from his post in Houston at the end of February 2021. However, he rose to national attention by opposing President Donald Trump and marching with George Floyd protesters.

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