Benigno Fronsaglia Ramen Racist – Meeting International LinkedIn

Ramen Racist From Meeting International – Meet Benigno Fronsaglia

Ramen Racist From Meeting International – Meet Benigno Fronsaglia

Benigno Fronsaglia is currently breaking the internet as the ramen racist. So, who is he exactly? 

Yet another racist footage goes viral on the internet where a white man calls an Asian “the coronavirus” in a restaurant in Florida. The employee shot the whole video and uploaded it on TikTok. 

The Carmen racist is now identified as Benigno Fronsaglia via Tiktok. Upon further research, Benigno is found to be the president of a company called Meeting International. 

Who is Benigno Fronsaglia? The Ramen Racist

Benigno Fronsaglia is an entrepreneur who works for Meeting International. It is a company associated with the events business. 

Moreover, Benigno is currently known as the ramen racist on social media. The footage of him abusing an Asian employee in a restaurant in Florida has gone viral and people are talking about him across the internet. 

Benigno and two other men turned up at the restaurant when it was being closed at around 11:45 PM. The chairs were already stacked but they removed them and sat while eating pizza bought from someplace else. 

The employee asked him to leave nicely and that’s when he started firing racial comments upon him.


Ramen Racist Benigno Fronsaglia: What did he do?

Benigno threw racial comments at an Asian employee at a restaurant in Florida. 

As per the details released by ibtimes, the man said “Take your f**king China flu and shove it up your ass. “

Also one of his friends added, “A**hole, you f***king Taiwanese ch*nk, motherf**er.”

Apart from that, the ramen racist called the employee “communist” and “woke sissy motherf**er” as heard in the viral video. 

Once he starts to move off the restaurant, Fronsaglia says “Shut up Coronavirus” and leaves.

Benigno Fronsaglia TikTok: Meet him on Instagram

Benigno Fronsaglia was identified on TikTok and his name has been across social media platforms ever since. 

As a result, the ramen racist has switched himself off from all sorts of social media. He has deleted his Instagram and Twitter accounts as of now. 

But a lot of information is available on his LinkedIn profile. The man seems to be the president of Meeting International and Managing Partner at EMU USA. 

However, we don’t have any information regarding his wife and family until now. 

Social media reaction to the Ramen racist

Users on social media do not seem to be happy about what he did and rightly so. 

There are messages of hate circulating all across Twitter and many even emailed his company to fire him. 

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