Benjamin Eastman Murder, Family Parents & Cause OF Death

Who Is Benjamin Eastman? Murder Story And Case Update

Who Is Benjamin Eastman? Murder Story And Case Update

Benjamin Eastman murder has been taken as cruel and senseless. Find out his obituary in this article.

Benjamin was 16 years of age when he was brutally murdered. Reportedly, police arrested Jonathon Adamson and his brother, Benito Marquez, for his first-degree murder.

The case has already come to an end after the court charged both Benito and Jonathon. Finally, Eastman has got justice, but we won’t meet the young lad ever again.

Benjamin Eastman Murder Story Unveiled

Benjamin Eastman’s murder story dates back to July 2018.

On June 14, his family reports that he was missing. They reported to the Lewis County Police Office only three days later, on June 27.

The next day, on June 28, the authorities found his body in a shallow grave. When the detectives asked Benjamin’s childhood friend, Benito, he told them that the grave was for a dog.

His death story has been discussed on Reddit too. As per a recent update, both Benito and Jonathan are in jail.

Benjamin Eastman Obituary Explored

Benjamin Eastman’s obituary can be found in newspapers.

We send our condolences to his loved ones. Hopefully, his departed soul has rested in peace.

After his missing case, Benito himself had posted a missing flyer on his Facebook. However, the police were smart enough to figure out the brother’s master plan and captured them on the same day.

Everything About Benjamin Family

Benjamin and his family hailed from East Lewis County, Washington.

Thus, we can confirm that his nationality was American. However, we are clueless about her ethnicity and family background.

Who Are Benjamin Eastman Parents?

Benjamin Eastman’s parents are devastated by the death of their son.

Reportedly, he was born to BJ Eastman. However, we are no sure about his mother. Furthermore, Benjamin’s father was the last person to see him. The father and son played Rocket League until 3 in the morning.

Since BJ’s son was very social, he didn’t bother about his missing situation. But, his unusual behavior made him curious, and he reported to the police three days later.

Benjamin Cause Of Death Revealed

Benjamin Eastman’s cause of death was blunt-force trauma to the head.

According to Talk Murder, Benito had invited Eastman to camp at 3 AM. As per Benito’s first statement, he never turned up to the event.

The evil brothers had intended to murder him. Repeatedly, they kicked and threw stones on Benjamin’s head and body. Officials believe that they continued the process for up to 45 minutes. When he tried to escape, the brothers pulled him down and killed him.

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