Blue Poop Challenge Website: Viral ZOE Results Reveal

ZOE Website Blue Poop Challenge Results: How To Analyze?

ZOE Website Blue Poop Challenge Results: How To Analyze?

You might be wondering how to analyze viral Blue Poop Challenge results on ZOE Website. Well, you are in the right place.

If you’ve noticed a flood of “blue poop” images on your social media, there’s a surprisingly compelling reason behind them.

Just don’t worry if you’re feed is bombarded by a “blue poop” snap. There’s a latest viral challenge that has captivated people across the globe.

Blue Poop Challenge Website

Blue Poop challenge website is ZOE.

The ZOE team with the collaboration of world-leading scientists recently published a paper all about blue poop.

According to ZOE, the challenge was launched on 18th May 2021, is rooted in research from its predicted study, which was published by its scientists in the peer-reviewed journal Gut in March 2021.

Also, the blue poop challenge is essentially a way to educate the public about their gut health, coined by Professor Tim Specter.

We’re pretty sure you’ve got this challenge on your mind. Now for the most interesting part: you can get your own gut with blue muffins.

Viral ZOE Results Reveal

Viral ZOE results have impressed participants across the globe. 

ZOE scientists unfold that those who take part in the challenge can change their microbiome in weeks after getting the result.

People are actually loving it. The number of athletes, celebrities as well as social media influencers is getting frenzy on social media for participating in the #BluePoopChallenge.

“I’m not usually a bakery, but I love this idea. I use blue muffins to measure intestinal transit time,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“I was convinced my wife should do this. I’m interested in gut health, mainly because we’re on a diet and want to eat muffins whether they’re blue or not. “Another person added.

How To Analyze?

You might be triggered by how one can analyze the Blue Poop challenge.

Well, the Blue Poop challenge is exactly what its name suggests. One must eat two blue muffins (with food coloring) for breakfast to determine if their poop turns blue or not.

Whenever you go to the bathroom, take note of the color of poop. If it’s blue or green-tinted, note down the time.

You can bake your own muffins at home by using the bluepoop recipe.

In addition to that, after participants enter their gut transit time on and answer a few simple health questions, it will reveal enthralling and fun gut health insights based on comparing them to thousands of participants in ZOE’s research studies.


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