Bridget Lapaglia Wikipedia, Age, Height, Instagram, Net-Worth, Boyfriend

Bridget Lapaglia

Bridget Lapaglia

Bridget Lapaglia is a popular personality who is well-known for being the daughter of a famous Australian actor and soccer player Anthony LaPaglia and actress Gia Carides. 

Beautiful Bridget is not only famous for her celebrity parents, but she has been working hard to earn a career by herself too. Currently, she is busy making her own identity through her skills in the field of fashion, design, and arts.

Name Bridget Lapaglia
Birthday January 2003
Age 17
Gender Female
Nationality American
Parents Anthony LaPaglia, Gia Carides
Married/Single Single
Instagram @bridgetcl

10 Facts on Bridget Lapaglia:

  1. Bridget Lapaglia was born on January 6, 2003, and is at the age of 17 at present. 
  2. No specific mention about the height and other measurements of Bridget Lapaglia is available on the internet.
  3. Although being a celebrity kid, she is not on Wikipedia where we could access more information about her.
  4. She is the only child of the actor Anthony LaPaglia from her second wife Gia Carides with whom he had split after 17 years of marriage.
  5. Bridget Lapaglia is active on Instagram as @bridgetcl with 51.2 K followers and As per her Instagram post, it shows that she is fond of designing clothes and is a quite good artist who makes sketches and paintings.
  6. She is also on Pinterest with 1405 followers pinning her ideas and interest.
  7. Talking about her relationship, she posted a picture of her with a guy named Drew Weidhaas with whom she went on Prom so he is suspected to be the boyfriend of Bridget Lapaglia.
  8. Daddy Anthony Lapaglia keeps showering love to her only daughter on Instagram reminiscing the old time of her childhood and quality moment they had spent together. The father-daughter duo seems to be vacationing as well and share a very affectionating bond.
  9. Capricorn by birth sign, Bridger Lapaglia is in her teens whose net worth has not been calculated yet.
  10. This extremely talented artistic person who is good with pens and colors is continuing her interest in the same and is making and selling her arts.

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