Britney Theriot Actress: Age, Height, Boyfriend, Instagram

Britney Theriot: Is she Dating Russell Crowe?

Britney Theriot: Is she Dating Russell Crowe?

Britney Theriot is a famous actress best known for her work in the movie Broken City which was released in 2013. She was very much admired for the potential she had and the hard work she did to give justice to the character she played.

Recently, Britney was spotted cuddling with the famous actor Russell Crowe who had also worked with her in the only film she worked in. They were on a tennis court where they talked and comforted each other after the end of each session. However, their relationship seemed the kind being for more than just friends but they haven’t disclosed any information or given any lead to the media about their dating life. So Is Russell Crowe dating Britney Theriot? Here are some facts on Britney.

Name Britney Theriot
Age 30
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Actress
Married/Single Unmarried
Instagram @britriot

10 Facts on Britney Theriot

  1. Britney Theriot is a famous actress who has recently gained all the hype after being spotted with the famous actor Russell Crowe.
  2. Britney Theriot is 30 years old and holds an American nationality however the facts about her ethnic and religious background are not discovered yet.
  3. The actress seems to have pretty decent height and bodyweight however the measurements are unknown. She is very active at sports and is generally spotted playing Tennis during weekends.
  4. There is no information about her parents and siblings but she indeed belonged to a supportive and liberal family which helped her tackle all the challenges.
  5. Britney after the release of her first and the only movie Broken City, 2013, was very much acknowledged and admired for her extraordinary talent and amazing acting skills.
  6. She was spotted on a Tennis court with the 56 years old actor Russel Crowe. They both were hugging and comforting each other most of the time.
  7. However, neither Britney nor Rusell has declared their relationship as official but are confronting the media for just being friends.
  8. The actress is available on Instagram with about 1.3K followers however her handle is private.
  9. There is no information about her actual net worth and salary however guessing from her lifestyle, she is expected to be making a good amount of money.
  10. Britney doesn’t own a Wiki page but has an IMDB.

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