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Brock Everett Age: 10 Facts To Know About

Brock Everett Age: 10 Facts To Know About

Brock Everett is an actor known for “Deputy.” He is also famous as the host of “Fair Game.” Besides, he is also a part-time choreographer and painter. The actor is known for his humorous and interactive personality.

He is best known for his portrayal of “Corey Kemp” in the crime drama television series, “Deputy.” The first season of the crime drama series was out in January this year. The show consists of 13 episodes of flawless acting and direction. 

Name Brock Everett
Gender Male
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Actor
Instagram @socalbrock
Twitter @socalbrock

10 Facts on Brock Everett

  1. Brock Everett is an American actor and entertainer known for the movies and shows like “Deputy”, “The Artie Lange Show”, and “Almost there.” 
  2. Moreover, the actor seems to be around his 40s. He is yet to reveal the facts about his age and birthday to his fans. 
  3. As for his height, he is around 1.73 meters tall. Also, his weight is around 100 kg. 
  4. Moving on, he is yet to have a Wikipedia biography to be dedicated to him. But he has his bio written on several web portal sites. 
  5. Moreover, Brock doesn’t seem to have an official Instagram account as of now. Hence, his actual Instagram profile is quite hard to track as there are few fan-made accounts as well. 
  6. Similarly, there isn’t much information about his personal life as he prefers living a private life. 
  7. Moreover, Brock seems to be married. Matter of fact, there aren’t any details of his wife and children to date. 
  8. Furthermore, Brock is present on Twitter. You can follow his Twitter account “socalbrock.” He doesn’t have many followers at the moment. 
  9. As for his net worth, how much he earns is still a mystery. It will be updated as we are keeping tabs on his net worth. 
  10. Brock is mainly known for his role in “Deputy.” The crime drama series has a single season which was released in January 2020. 

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