brTT Age, Real Name, Girlfriend, Height, and Net Worth

brTT Age And Real Name: Everything You Need To Know

brTT Age And Real Name: Everything You Need To Know

Started streaming at a young age, brTT is one of the highly acclaimed League of Legends players at the moment. 

Just in, brTT is a Brazilian Twitch streamer and professional Esports player. He is known for his gameplay of League of Legends. A professional LOL player, brTT currently plays as the bot lane for Pain Gaming, the first Latin Sports organization to have a gaming house. 

brTT Age: How old is the gamer?

The Esports player is currently 30 years old. 

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, he has been appearing in several LOL competitions since 2012. brTT mostly talks about his father and his support for his online presence. Besides, his sibling, Leandro has also appeared in many of his streams. 

What is the streamer’s real name? 

Best known as brTT on social media, the player’s real name is Felipe Gonçalves da Rocha

Despite appearing consistently on tournaments since 2012, brTT is yet to have a Wikipedia biography. But you can find his well-written bio on the Leaguepedia website.

Besides, you can easily follow him on Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram. He has hundreds of thousands of followers on all social media platforms. 

Quick Facts:

Name brTT( Felipe Gonçalves da Rocha)
Birthday February 19
Age 30 years
Gender Male
Nationality Brazilian
Profession pro gamer and twitch streamer
Instagram @Abrttoficial

Some Unknown Facts on brTT

  1. brTT is a Brazilian professional League of Legends player and Twitch streamer. 
  2. As of 2021, the streamer is yet to appear with someone who can be implied as his girlfriend on social media. He may as well be single. 
  3. Also, brTT seems to have a great height. He has black hair and a prominent beard as well. 
  4. A competitive gamer since 2012, brTT has won a lot of prize money from tournaments. His net worth, however, remains under review for now. 
  5. Moreover, he was born and raised in Brazil. The streamer celebrates his birthday on February 19 every year. 

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