Carol Pitchfork – Where Is Colin Pitchfork Wife Now? Family And Children

Where Is Colin Pitchfork Wife Now? Carol Pitchfork And Family

Where Is Colin Pitchfork Wife Now? Carol Pitchfork And Family

Carol Pitchfork aka Colin Pitchfork wife is away from media as her Colin is being released now. Explore her family and children.

Carol was a social worker at a young age. Her husband Colin was jailed for the rape and murder of two girls.

Carol Pitchfork – Colin Pitchfork Wife

Carol Pitchfork is Colin Pitchfork’s wife. The two had married in 1981.

The couple started living together in Littlethorpe, Leichester after their marriage. As a matter of fact, Colin was convicted of improper exposure before their wedding. Actually, they had been engaged at the time.

Carol’s husband is a double child murderer and a rapist. He had raped and murdered two girls of Leicestershire villages in the mid-80s.

Soon, Colin was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment in January 1998. He had pleaded guilty to the murders of Lynda Mann and Dawn Ashworth. Both girls were 15 years old at the time.

Meanwhile, Carol’s husband is set to be released after serving 33 years in prison. The authorities had declared the first murderer to be convicted using DNA evidence safe to release.

Where is Carol Pitchfork Now?

Carol Pitchfork is now out of the spotlight.

We can not figure out where is Carol today. It has been a long since she made an appearance in the media.

On the other hand, there are rumors that Pitchfork has a new husband at the moment. But there is no evidence to prove it as her whereabouts remains confidential.

Definitely, her life must have had a new turn as her husband went to jail after being convicted of murder. Since then, she has been out of the public eye.

Carol Pitchfork Family and Children

Carol Pitchfork and Colin’s family had two children.

In fact, they had two sons. But their name and identities remain unknown to the public.

Besides, the Pitchfork family used to live in Littlethrope in the 80s. But we are not quite sure where she and her boys reside as of now.

Carol’s Age – Is She On Wikipedia?

Carol Pitchfork’s age should be over 50 years old.

But we could not have our hands around her exact birth details. Her husband has reached 61 years of age today.

Also, Carol is not on Wikipedia yet. In fact, she does not have her name on the Wikipedia bio of colin.

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