Cast, Release Date, Reviews Explained

The Baby-Sitters Club Netflix 2020: Cast, Release Date, Reviews Explained
The Baby-Sitters Club Netflix 2020: Cast, Release Date, Reviews Explained

Netflix is back with another great story the youngsters of today need to watch at least once. Based on the highly successful book series by Ann M. Martin, The Baby-Sitters Club is deeply rooted in the present. With a sense of optimism towards the youths of today, The Bay-Sitters Club highlights the issues of the upbringing of kids.

Introducing some newbies to the world of TV series, The Baby-Sitting Club is a great gift to the youngsters of today. Directed by Rachel Shukert, the Netflix series takes center stage with a group of five schoolers trying to run a babysitting business in Stoneybrook, Connecticut. The web series is episode-to-episode coy of Ann Martin’s children novel of the same name.

The TV series released on Netflix in the month of July. And you can still catch the show on Netflix as it is still on-air. Here we try breaking some good and bad aspects of the TV series for you to decide whether to watch the show or not. Let’s cut to the chase.

Netflix 2020 The Baby-Sitters Club Cast

In a short span, streaming sites like Netflix has given the opportunity to new talents than the silver screen could in years. The Netflix 2020 release The Baby-Sitters Club is also sharing some new faces to the world of cinematic art. Making their first major debut with The Baby-Sitters Club is the following cast members,

  • Xochitl Gomez as Dawn Schafer
  • Shay Rudolph as Stacey McGill
  • Momona Tamada as Claudia Kishi
  • Malia Baker as Mary Anne Spier
  • Sophie Grace as Kristy Thomas

Other major casts of The Baby-Sitters Club are Alicia Silverstone who plays Elizabeth Thomas-Brewer and Mark Feuerstein who play Watson Brewer.

Gomez, Rudolph, Momona, Baker, and Sophie are the five middle-class schoolers who run a babysitting business in Connecticut. How will they manage to run their babysitting business? For this, you will have to watch the series on Netflix. 

The Baby-Sitters Club Release Date Revealed

The Baby-Sitters Club was released on Netflix recently on July 3, 2020. Season 1 of the series will have a total of 10 episodes and the complete The Baby-Sitters Club, Season 1 will go on-air on Netflix on the same date, July 3.

The run time of a single episode is around 22 to 27 minutes, as per The Baby-Sitters Club Wikipedia page.  Inspired by Ann Martin’s children’s novel series of the same name, Netflix’s The Baby-Sitters Club will run for a few seasons.

The release date of The Baby-Sitters Club, Season 2 is not announced yet.

How Good is the new Netflix show: The Baby-Sitters Club Reviews

The 10 episodes long season of The Baby-Sitters Club starts with Kristy Thomas played by Sophie Grace. Kristy gets the idea of running a babysitting club at her place and shares her idea with her mother Elizabeth Thomas-Brewer played by Alicia Silverstone. Kristy then persuades her friends Dawn Schafter, Stacey McGill, Claudia Kishi, and Ane Spier.

With those five youngsters looking to run a babysitting house, things are certainly going to get exciting for the viewers. How Kristy is going to overcome her enthusiasm and run their babysitting business at smooth? How will the girls with different upbringings come together to run a business and make it a success? There will be several questions in the mind of viewers.

As long as the show manages to keep the viewers curious, it is going to be a fun time for the viewers. Looking at the success of Ann Martin’s The Baby-Sitters Club book series, the new Netflix show does not seem to disappoint its viewers. This is the best we could say of the series at the moment. 

Make sure to catch the show on Netflix on Friday, July 3.

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