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Catie Yagher

Catie Yagher

Catie Yagher is an American actress and model who is best known for her role in the American family drama series, 7th Heaven. The show which first premiered in 1996 concluded in 2007 after 11 successful seasons. It was premiered on The CW and The WB Network. 

However, her involvement in the acting industry has a lot to do with her family as well. Her mother, Catherine Hicks is a famous actress who also has the lead character in the series, 7th Heaven. Perhaps, that could be the reason Catie found herself in the show as well. Besides, she has not appeared in any other noticeable roles since. For Catherine, however, she has certainly upheld with her standard.

Name Catie Yagher
Birthday January 1992
Age 28
Gender Female
Married/Single Dating
Instagram @yagher_

10 Facts on Catie Yagher

  1. Catie Yagher is an American actress who appeared in the CW drama series, 7th Heaven. 
  2. Due to her minimum involvement as an actress, she doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography to date. Her parents, however, have a well dedicated Wikipedia biography,
  3. Moreover, the actress is 28 years old at the moment. She was born in January 1992.
  4. She looks to have a good height and great body shape. However, the exact facts on her height are unknown. 
  5. Similarly, she does have an Instagram account but it is kept private by the actress. 
  6. Catie Yagher is dating at the moment. But further information about her boyfriend is yet to be extracted. 
  7. Besides, she is known for her family as well. She is the daughter of a popular American actress, Catherine Hicks. 
  8. Likewise, her father, Kevin, is a special effects technician who has quite a reputation for Freddy Krueger’s makeup. 
  9. Her parents have been married for more than 30 years. They tied the marital knots back in 1990. 
  10. Moreover, one can find her short bio and credits on her IMDB bio as well. 

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