Cecilia Nelms Samuel Cassidy Wife Age, Wikipedia And Children

Everything To Know About Samuel Cassidy Ex- Wife Cecilia Nelms

Everything To Know About Samuel Cassidy Ex- Wife Cecilia Nelms

Cecilia Nelms is the ex wife of Sam Cassidy. In a recent interview she talked about Sam’s past behavior.

Gun violence has become a rampant issue in the USA in recent years. Just some days after Texas legalized gun possession in the state, America witnessed its 15th Mass shooting.

The shooter, this time, was identified as Sam Cassidy.

Who Cecilia Nelms? Meet Samuel Cassidy’s Former Wife

Cecilia Nelms is the former wife of Samuel Cassidy.

She has finally come forward to the media after her ex-husband, Sam Cassidy, was identified as a shooter. Cecilia Nelms was shocked to find about the San Jose Shooting incident and Sam’s involvement in the crime.  

Cecilia described Sam nice, quiet, and introverted person. Likewise, she also revealed that Sam always complained about his work and even talked about killing people.

However, Nelms never took those words seriously.

In addition, she also disclosed that Cassidy was a short temper guy. As a fact, Nelms was scared main times due to her ex-partner’s band anger issues. She stated, “He was someone who would physically hurt people.”

In May 2021, the dreadful incident eventually happened. Cassidy fired the gun in a California rail yard that killed 9 people. Furthermore, he also took his own life. 

Cecilia Nelms Age and Wikipedia Explored

Cecilia Nelms seems around the age of her 50s.

The late gunman was around 57 years old. So, we speculate that Cecilia may be around the same age. On the other hand, Sam’s victims were only. 

Cecilia doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography yet.

She seems quite distraught by the situation right now. Similarly, Nelms was also teary-eyed when she gave an interview to the media. Furthermore, Cecilia Nelms gave sympathy to the obituary of the innocent people who lost their life. 

Do They Have Any Children Together?

Cecilia Nelms hasn’t reported any children or family with Sam Cassidy.

The couple was married for nearly a decade.

Similarly, it was Cassidy who filed the divorce in 2005. After the separation, they became contactless as Nelms said she hadn’t been in contact with him for 13 years. 

After Nelms, Sam apparently dated another girl. However, even the relationship ended in vain. As a fact, the woman had charged him with alleged rape and assault in 2009. 

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