Daniel Pitout (Musical Artist) Age, Wikipedia, Bio, Instagram, and Net Worth

Daniel Pitout

Daniel Pitout

Daniel Pitout is a famous professional South African singer, songwriter, and musician. Daniel Pitout is mostly known for his songs and albums like Spit Gifting, That’s My Man and Eat Your Mind. He is currently a band member of a famous Canadian group named Nu Sensae. He is the drummer of the band. It was founded back in 2008 as a duo band and later they made themselves of three people.

Name Daniel Pitout
Gender Male
Nationality Canadian
Profession Musical Artist
Married/Single Single

Daniel Pitout has been active in his professional career since back in 2008. He started with a band and later in 2012 he even published a song for the AIDS Day program. Daniel Pitout is a very handsome and charming person who has a lot of fan following all over the world.

10 Facts on Daniel Pitout:

  1. Daniel Pitout was born probably in the 1980s, in South Africa.
  2. His age as of 2020 is around 30 years and is one of the talented and versatile musicians of the country.
  3. Until now he isn’t available on Wikipedia however his band Nu Sensae is featured on it.
  4. He started his career back in 2008 as a duo band member and he even writes songs and sings it and later shifted himself to Canada to pursue his career this sums up his bio.
  5. He is available on Instagram account @orvillepeck where he has more than 302k followers and has just over 223 posts.
  6. Daniel Pitout is gay and is very opened up about his sexuality and has never kept it a secret.
  7. Daniel aka Orville Peck tried to keep his identity safe and not reveal it however they both are the same person as Orville never reveals his face.
  8. He is currently living in London and studying Music.
  9. Despite being a famous person he has kept his parents away from all the spotlight.
  10. Some of his famous albums and songs are Don’t Panic, Come Around, Swim and Worm. 

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