Deborah Herron Joe Brown Wife Net Worth, Age And Children

Where is Judge Joe Brown Wife Deborah Herron Now? Everything To Know

Where is Judge Joe Brown Wife Deborah Herron Now? Everything To Know

Deborah Herron is the wife of Judge Joe Brown. Due to their rocky relationship these two are searched by many people who are willing to know about them. Read the full article to find out more details.

Deborah and Joe Brown got married in the year 2001. They were initially in a good relationship. Still, after some time, things started getting heated up, and both decided to end their marriage and depart their ways from each other.

Recently rumors were arising that she is dead, but we want to assure our reader that she is alive and kicking.

Where in Deborah Herron Now?

According to the reports, after they split in 2017, Deborah Herron has parted ways with her husband.

Her exact location is not available, but if reports are to be believed, she stays in California.

After her long divorce case, there were many things that she got from her husband as alimony. With whatever she has got, she has been living her life peacefully.

She also stayed in Ohio for some time after their divorce.

Deborah Herron Age and Wikipedia

Deborah Herron’s age is 70 years old.

She was born in the year 1951.

She hasn’t been featured on any official page in Wikipedia.

But her former husband has already been featured on Wikipedia.

We hope she will also be featured on Wikipedia soon, and we will be able to find more information about her.

Deborah’s Children Details

Deborah Herron does not have any children together.

She is the second wife of Joe brown. They were married for sixteen long years but never decided to have children.

How Much Is Her Net Worth?

Deborah’s net worth details are not explored.

But during her divorce, she was given some part of the Joe Browns property and money as alimony.

Joe Brown has to pay 2500 dollars every month to his ex-wife, and she has got Lance Armstrong’s spin bike, stairclimber, and the Brownflex with her.

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