Destiny Shahs Of Sunset Net Worth

Did Destiney Rose From Shahs Of Sunset Had A Plastic Surgery?

Did Destiney Rose From Shahs Of Sunset Had A Plastic Surgery?

Destiney Rose is a Bravo TV reality star. Did she have plastic surgery? Meet her on Instagram. 

Best known for the Bravo TV reality show, Shahs of Sunset, Destiney Rose has made quite an impressive addition to the show since 2018. It didn’t take long for her to become the fan favorite in the series. But she is often left out in the show. 

A strong personality who wants to become a role model to women and she herself has grown quite a lot in these three years. 

Destiney Rose: Did she have Plastic Surgery?

Destiney Rose talks about plastic surgery in an episode that features other shahs as well. 

In the episode, they are at the Plastic Surgeon’s office taking injections. So the claims of her having plastic surgery surfaced on the internet and have been there ever since.

Likewise, a few of her photos show quite a different look of her when she was young. So she might have performed plastic surgery like most of the cast of Shahs of Sunset do. 

One can’t find any of her photos on Instagram before August of 2018. 

Meet Destiney Rose on Instagram

Destiney Rose is insanely famous on Instagram. You can follow her Instagram handle here. 

The reality TV star has already amassed more than 135k followers on the platform. And saying that, she doesn’t even use it much. She just has 48 posts until now. 

However, Destiney is yet to have a Wikipedia biography. You can find her short bio on Bravo TV’s official website.


Destiney Rose Net Worth And Earnings

Destiny Shahs Of Sunset has a massive net worth of around $2 Million. 

Moreover, she is currently 39 years of age. Born in Iran, she celebrates her birthday on February 13 every year. Her zodiac sign is Aquarius. 

Three years already in the show, Destiney Rose has made quite a lot of earnings as well. Prior to that, she used to work as an event planner. 

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