Does Anna Mcnulty Have Scoliosis? Age Boyfriend

Does Anna Mcnulty Have Scoliosis? Age Boyfriend – AGT 2021

Does Anna Mcnulty Have Scoliosis? Age Boyfriend – AGT 2021

Does Anna Mcnulty have Scoliosis? The AGT 2021 contestant has confirmed she doesn’t have scoliosis. Please continue reading to find out her age and boyfriend.

Contortionist Anna is a social media star who has millions of fans. Moreover, she is a YouTuber with 2.2 million subscribers.

Furthermore, Mcnulty describes herself as a dancer. She is best known for her flexibility since the time she started cheerleading.

Does Anna Mcnulty Have Scoliosis?

No, Anna Mcnulty hasn’t been diagnosed with scoliosis.

In one of her Q&A videos, she mentioned that the rumors are absolutely fake. According to a questioner, there were reports on Google saying she has scoliosis.

However, Anna immediately turned the rumor away informing us that we shouldn’t believe everything that’s written on the internet. Clearly, she mentioned that she is 100% sure that never had the disease.

Moreover, she says that people might have thought that her flexibility could be the reason she has scoliosis. Nevertheless, we can be assured that the youngster is fine and kicking well.

TikTok Star Anna Mcnulty Age Revealed

Anna Mcnulty has reached 19 years of age in 2021.

According to Famous Birthdays, she was born on April 26, 2001. Moreover, her Q&A video on scoliosis came out a day after her 18th birthday.

Reportedly, she had admitted to taking a year’s leave after her high school graduation. Most probably, she is thinking to join a college as she believed education is a vital part of our lives.

Born in Saint John, we can claim that Anna is of Canadian nationality. Reportedly, she was just 10 years old when she became a competitive cheerleader.

Moreover, she was born to her mother, Charlene. Furthermore, Anna has an elder sister named Grace.

Does YouTuber Anna Mcnulty Have A Boyfriend?

No, Anna Mcnulty doesn’t have a boyfriend.

Indeed, she is single and waiting for the love of her life. However, she was rumored to be in a relationship during her high school days.

Reportedly, she had posted a picture on Instagram with a male friend. In fact, the guy had asked her out for the High School Prom.

Later, Anna revealed that there was nothing between them. Also, she admitted that she would go to the Prom with him, only as a friend.

Everything To Know About The AGT 2021 Contestant Anna

Anna Mcnulty is set to appear in the eighth episode of AGT 2021.

However, she has not revealed anything about the big news yet. Most probably, she will post as soon as her act airs live.

As per our prediction, her act will be something related to contortion. Don’t forget to tune in to NBC at 8 PM ET, on June 20, 2021.

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