Duncan Scott Dad Nigel Scott

Was Duncan Scott Father Nigel Scott An Athlete? Family Background

Was Duncan Scott Father Nigel Scott An Athlete? Family Background

Duncan Scott dad Nigel Scott is regarded as a great inspiration in his life. Who are his parents? Get to know them. 

With the start of the Tokyo Olympics 2020, the Scottish eyes are fixated upon one particular player. He is none other than a swimmer, Duncan Scott.

He recently finished second in the Heat round. In fact, he was only behind Fernando Scheffer by few seconds. 

Meet Duncan Scott Dad Nigel Scott – Who Are His Parents?

Duncan Scott considers his dad Nigel Scott as his biggest support.

Apparently, Duncan’s father played a huge role in building a foundation for his career. He was the first person to introduce the Olmpyian to water sports. Furthermore, Nigel started giving swimming lessons to Duncan even before he joining an academy.

Swimmer Duncan Scott’s other parent includes his mum Joy Macnaughton.

Joy is no less than her husband when it comes to cheering for their child. In fact, both of them attend Duncan’s races as well as award ceremonies.

It seems like swimming runs in the Scott family. Interestingly, Duncan’s sister, Alex, is also a competitive swimmer. 

Duncan Scott and His Partner 

Duncan Scott has not disclosed his lucky partner details yet. 

He has never revealed his dating life. So, we speculate that Duncan is in a strong relationship with his swimming career right now.

Nonetheless, many fans girls are smitten to be Duncan Scott’s wife or girlfriend. He is constantly approached by beautiful ladies on the internet as well as in real life.

On the other hand, Duncan seems engrossed in his career. In 2021, he was even able to break the British record in 200m at 1:55.90. In addition, he also won a silver at European Championships for his country.

He might have limited time to engage in personal affairs. 

Duncan Scott’s Age and Height as Swimmer

Duncan Scott is aged 24 years old.

He blows the birthday candle on 6th May each year.  A native of Glasgow, Scott grew up in a town called Alloa. Likewise, he attended the Strathallan School, where he trained for his entire high school days. 

Duncan Scott towers at a height of 6 feet 3 inches tall. 

He weighs around 81kg. Interestingly, his body is built streamlined, muscular, and suited for swimming. 

This is not the first time Duncan is taking part in the Olympics. In Rio 2016, he led his team to second place in the 4 × 200 m freestyle relay. Moreover, he placed fifth in 100 metres freestyle.

Now, the whole of Great Britain is excited to see what medal Duncan will bring home this year. 

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