Emese Fajk Net Worth, Age And Instagram: The Block Scandal 2020

Who Is Emese Fajk? Know Everything On The Block Scandal 2020

Who Is Emese Fajk? Know Everything On The Block Scandal 2020

Emese Fajk is a cybersecurity specialist who forked out a huge $4.256 million on the 1950s Palm Springs-style home. She was excited to buy the house and just saw it once and decided to buy it. However, now the media revealing that she had not hadn’t paid the money.

A month ago she placed the winning bid on Jimmy and Tam’s property and decided to move there with her fiancee. However, it has been in the news that she has not paid the amount to register the house in her name. Below are 10 facts about Emese Fajk that you should know.

Name Emese Fajk
Birthday 1992
Age 28
Gender Female
Profession cyber security specialist
Married/Single Engaged
Education University of West London
Instagram wegetarianwampire
Twitter @emesefjk

10 Facts About Emese Fajk

  1. Emese Fajk is the girl who placed the highest bid on Jimmy and Tam’s 1950s Palm Springs-style home at the amount of $4.256 million has not paid the money and considered fraud as per the media.
  2. Who is Emese Fajk from The Block? She has been working as a cybersecurity specialist who was the winner on The Block placing the highest bid.
  3. According to Emese Fajk’s LinkedIn profile, she has been working in Data Analysis, Criminal Profiling, and Cyber Security.
  4. The Block Scandal 2020 where Emese Fajk was really excited to buy Jimmy and Tam’s house on the first look at the house. She decided to move to that house with her fiancee.
  5. Furthermore, we are yet to get the information on Emese Fajk’s net worth and salary details.
  6. Moreover, Emese Fajk has been referred to as a 28 years old girl so we could guess that she was born in the year 1992.
  7. Emese Fajk has an Instagram profile where she is followed by 1,880 followers.
  8. She also has a Twitter bio with 38 followers.
  9. She is a graduate of the University of West London.
  10. Lastly, she was also the last bidder to register before the auction day.

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