Everything On His Partner Ana Totoc And Children

Kam Babaee Net Worth: Everything On His Partner Ana Totoc And Children

Kam Babaee Net Worth: Everything On His Partner Ana Totoc And Children

If you want to know about Property Tycoon Kam Babaee and his lifestyle and fortune, there is always one question that struck the mind was, How much is his net worth?

A London real estate tycoon who has been caught driving a Rolls-Royce and playing table tennis with Boris Johnson has pleaded poverty in a three-year court battle with his Ex-wife, Roya. the 53-years old, Kim Babaee is set to face jail time after claiming poverty to pay his ex-wife £10k a month.

Kam Babaee Net Worth 2021: How Much Does He Make?

Well, Kam Babaee’s actual net worth seems still questionable. Babaee is the CEO of the K10 Group, which specializes in building and refurbishing mansions for super-rich people. Also, he is the business partner of billionaire John Caudwell’s Phone 4U.

However, a British real estate tycoon, Kam Babaee is warned to go to jail for selling a thousand mansion. In fact, he does not want to pay the living expenses of his Ex-wife.

Kam Babaee And Partner Ana Totoc in Sally Lindsay’s Posh Sleepover

As per reports, Kam Babaee and partner Ana Totoc are living their luxurious life together. On Sally Lindsay’s Posh Sleepover program, Babaee and his immaculate partner, Ana Totoc showcased their £30 million Park Lane mansion.

Although, Kam Babaee had a past relationship with Iranian wife, Roya. He admitted he has extramarital affairs which broke their relationship. They had married for 28 years.

Kam Ex-wife Roya: Do They Have Any Children?

Kam Babaee and his Ex-wife Roya had married for 28 years. Thus, the Iranian couple was blessed with three adult children. With a luxurious  £5 million home in London, a holiday home in Cannes, and some splendor cars -the couple has shared wealth which is a bone of disputation in the legal battles.

There was a divorce lawsuit that lasted for three years. Moreover, they have held 15 hearings in the High Court of Londo and also charged £2.2 million in legal fees.

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