Everything On Rashida Tlaib’ Ex Husband Fayez Tlaib, Family and Sons

Everything On Rashida Tlaib’ Ex Husband Fayez Tlaib, Family and Sons

Everything On Rashida Tlaib’ Ex Husband Fayez Tlaib, Family and Sons

Fayez Tlaib is not a new name for social media users. If you are not aware of Fayez, he is the ex-husband of an American politician named Rashida Tlaib. Many of you might recognize Faye’s ex-wife Tlaib as the first female Palestinian American and Muslim to sit in the US Congress. Well, she is a big name in American political society.

Name Fayez Tlaib
Birthday July 1
Age 44 years old
Gender Male
Nationality American
Ethnicity Brown
Profession Family Member
Married/Single Single
Wife Rashida Tlaib (divorced)
Children 2
Divorce Yes
Facebook Fayez Tlaib

Though Rashida is an open book, her husband lives a low key life. Maybe he does not goes down well with limelight and media attention. But, if we say there’s barely anything about her ex-husband on the internet, you will certainly be shocked. So, what’s with Fayez Tlaib live in 2020?

Fayez Tlaib Lives a Private Life

Fame and name is what many love to live for. But, Rashida’s ex-husband Fayez Tlaib is not the same. He lives a low key life in the media. Frankly, the guy has barely even appeared for an interview in public. It wouldn’t be tough for Rashida’s ex-husband to attract media, but he simply does not. Fayez Tlaib, good luck with that.

Fayez Tlaib and Rashida Tlaib Were Married in 1998

Fayez Tlaib and his ex-wife Rashida Tlaib were not like any celebrity couple who got separated just after a few years of marriage. No, that’s not the case with this couple. The couple celebrated their marriage for well over a decade. 

The former husband and wife pair got married in 1998. They got divorced in 2015. So, it was 17 years of marriage between the former couple.

The Reason for Fayez’s Divorce is Not Known

The reason behind Fayez Tlaib and Rashida Tlaib’s divorce is not clear yet. Rashida was married to Fayez at a young age of 22. The couple was together for 17 long years. They got separated in 2015 and the reason is not known. We will have nothing from Fayez, meanwhile, Rashida is also tight-lipped about the reasons. 

Fayez and Rashida Have Two Kids Together

Married for 17 long years, Fayez and Rashida have two kids, both sons, together. Their sons are named Adam and Yousif Tlaib. There are not many details about their two kids in the media. It is hard to find pictures of their sons on the internet. 

Rashida is a Single Mother

After Rashida got divorced from husband Fayez Tlaib, she has remained single. With the custody of both sons on her, she has raised her kids as a single mother. In 2018, a Democrat spokesperson revealed her as a single mother. 

Fayez Tlaib Was Supportive of Rashida’s Political Career

Rashida was married to Fayez at 22. She got a lot of support from her husband when she began her political career after she got out of college. She started her political career in 2004. By then, the former couple was already married for six years. During an interview in 2014, Rashida shared that Fayez was very supportive of her political career.

Fayez Is Not on Rashidas’ Social Media Posts

Rashida is the U.S. Representative for Michigan. She is active both on Instagram and Twitter. She often makes tweets or posts on her Insta. Most of her social media posts revolve around her professional life. Also, some of her Instagram posts feature her two sons. What’s surprising is none of her social media posts feature her ex-husband Fayez.

Fayez Tlaib is Related to Rashida’s Mother

According to Haaretz, Rashida’s ex-husband Fayez is related to her mother. Also, Fayez was born in Beit Ural-Fauqa, West Bank. Rashida’s parents are also from West Bank and are currently living there. Rashida’s parents are Palestinian immigrants.

Fayez Tlaib Was Born in 1976

While Rashida’s life is an open book, Fayez Tlaib is quite a mystery. There is not anything about his age, early life, family, parents, siblings, profession on the media. Luckily, we have something about him to share with you. Fayez was born on July 1, 1976. So, he is currently 44 years of age. Fayez is just a few weeks elder than his ex-wife.

Both Fayez and Rashids have birthdays in the same month, July. She was born on July 24.

Fayez has Wiki on Everipedia

There is barely anything about Fayez on the internet. Still, Everpedia has got a wiki of Rashida’s ex-husband. As seen on his wiki on the site, Fayez is from Beit Ur al-Fauqa, a small Palestinian village in West Bank. 

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