Everything To Know On Wife Bio, and Net Worth

Lance Herndon Wikipedia: Everything To Know On Wife Bio, and Net Worth

Lance Herndon Wikipedia: Everything To Know On Wife Bio, and Net Worth

Does Lance Herndon, who was murdered by his girlfriend, have a Wikipedia? To know the answer, keep reading.

Lance Herndon was a self-made millionaire living a very comfortable life in Atlanta, Georgia. His girlfriend, Dionne Baugh, murdered him because of jealousy. 

Lance’s mother found his dead body on his bed. Police took time to figure out who the murderer is, and thought it was a robbery. But there was no sign of forced entry, his money and cards were untouched, and his laptop was missing. 

Lance Herndon’s Wikipedia And Bio

Lance Herndon does not have a Wikipedia page dedicated to him. According to a couple of Wiki-bio pages, Herndon was born in the year 1954. According to The Cinemaholic, Lance was 41 years old when he was murdered in the year 1996.

Herndon’s then-girlfriend murdered him in 1996. Dionne Baugh was arrested after her DNA was found in the murder spot. The cause of the murder was jealousy, and she was given ten years in prison and additional ten years in probation.

Lance Herndon’s Net Worth

The exact net-worth of Lance Herndon is private, but we know that he was a millionaire. Herndon was the CEO and founder of Access, Incorporated, a computer and information systems firm in Atlanta. Herndon’s company made him a millionaire.

Lance Herndon was a very successful businessman who owned business other than Access. Herndon was the Co-Owner of The Vixen Club in Atlanta.

Who Was Herndon’s Wife?

Lance Herndon was married and divorced three times. Lance had a reputation for being a playboy. Herndon’s ex-wives’ names are kept private. Lance did not have children from any of his marriages.

Lance was young, very wealthy, and one of the most desired bachelors in the city. Herndon had many affairs, and one of them was with Dionne Baugh. Lance Herndon was still dating multiple women while he was with Dionne, which resulted in her jealousy, reports Inquisitr.

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