Everything We Know About Pudgywoke

Pudgy The Dog TikTok: Everything We Know About Pudgywoke

Pudgy The Dog TikTok: Everything We Know About Pudgywoke

Tiktok App in recent years has not only been a viral going platform for people but also for animals and Pudgy The Dog is the best example we can put forward. If you want to know more about the viral doggy on Tiktok, stay with this article till the end.

Well, If you’re thinking that Tiktok has been a life-changing app for many people then you’re just partially right because it has not just been a game-changer app for people but also for animals, like Pudgy. 

Everything We Know About Pudgy The Dog On Tiktok

Pudgy The Dog, is basically a 111-year-old normal dog who has gone viral on Tiktok in his Tiktok Account named Pudgywoke.

He is not only on Tiktok but is present on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and even has a backup account on Tiktok Named @williamoliverbishop. So if you get lost in the track to find the cute doggy Pudgy, then you know where else can you find him.

Pudgy has gained 4.5 million followers and 110.3 million likes on his pudgywoke TikTok account, which might seem very competitive to some Tiktokers as well. Similarly, he has amassed 70.5k followers on his Instagram account as well.

Not so surprisingly, pudgy is also quite active on Twitter with his funny and interesting tweets. However, his social media is handled by his owner who’s name hasn’t been revealed yet.

Why Is Pudgy The Dog Going Viral? Reasons Explained

Well, to be honest, what it actually took Pudgy to go viral worldwide is just his unusual bark “Owa…Owa”. Yes, you heard it right. The cute black dog barks in an unusual and funny way that the people on Tiktok is loving right now.

The owner of the dog makes creative content with Pudgy, where he says “Owa…Owa…Owa..” in almost every video, and people tend to love and follow him, it’s as simple as that. 

Not only that, the owner records videos of Pudgy while he’s sleeping or while he’s eating or just playing as per his followers’ request. 


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