Facts On Wendy Williams First Husband

Who Was Wendy Williams First Husband? Everything On Bert Girigorie Net Worth

Who Was Wendy Williams First Husband? Everything On Bert Girigorie Net Worth

Bert Girigorie is known to be the first husband of Wendy Williams. The duo first met in the New York City radio station. According to the reports from Thesun, Bert and Wendy were dating for two years, and finally, in 1994, they decided to share the vows. Unfortunately, their married life didn’t last for long. Just after the five months of their marriage, they filed a divorce in 1995.

Talking about his career, Bert is a sales and marketing professional based in Charlotte, North Carolina. His Twitter bio says that he has a website known as G2 Marketing Agency. It’s a digital marketing agency for professionals. Overall, he is a private person.

Quick Facts: Who Was Wendy Williams First Husband? Everything On Bert Girigorie Net Worth

Name Bert Girigorie
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Sales and Marketing professional
Divorce Wendy Williams
Twitter @BertGirigorie

10 Facts On Bert Girigorie

  1. Bert Girigorie’s net worth is yet to reveal on the internet. This era is focused on digitalization. Indeed, his earning might be in millions of dollars. 
  2. Talking about Bert Girigorie’s job, he is an independent man. He is a sales and marketing professionals and runs his digital agency.
  3. Unfortunately, Bert Girigorie’s name is not featured on Wikipedia, but this article covers all details that the readers are in search of.
  4. Where is Bert Girigorie now? Well, Bert is enjoying his singlehood in Charlotte. He is focusing on his business.
  5. Is he married? Yes! Bert was married in the past. There is no record of his second wife at the moment. Maybe, he is planning something else for his future.
  6. Explaining his family background, Bert is living happily with his parents, as per the source. It isn’t delightful for the fans that his parent’s identity is under the table.
  7. He currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina, the US, so his nationality is American.
  8. Bert is active on Twitter with a good number of devotees.
  9. There is no sign of his brother and sister in the media. Maybe, he is the only child.
  10. As per the source, Wendy is an American broadcaster and writer. 

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