Felicity Urquhart New Partner And Husband: Is She Married?

Is Felicity Urquhart Married? Meet Her New Partner

Is Felicity Urquhart Married? Meet Her New Partner

Who is Felicity Urquhart new partner? After her husband tragic loss she finally found a new love who happens to be her musical partner. Let us find out.

Felicity is a famous singer and songwriter. She is widely recognized as one of the most talented country singers and also a TV presenter.

The country star recently released her new album in May 2021 named The Song Club. Her songs are getting thumbs up in every media.

However, the new album is very special to her; it is because she has found a new love and a new musical partnership.

Felicity Urquhart New Partner

Felicity Urquhart’s new partner is Josh Cunningham.

He is the vocalist of a famous Australian folk-rock band named The Waifs.

The talented singer is actively making music with his band since 1992.

The Waifs have resulted in a total of four ARIA awards and ten major nominations until now.

The new pair recently worked released their combined album The Song Club together.

Felicity Husband: Is She Married?

Felicity Urquhart was married to her ex-husband Glen Hannah.

He was a famous country music producer and a genius. Moreover, he was a talented artist and a graphic designer.

The couple was married for more than 10 years. However, her spouse was secretly battling his own demons.

Unfortunately, Urquhart lost her husband when he took his own life. He was struggling with mental illness.

The tragic death happened in May 2019, just two months after releasing her solo album named Frozen Rabbit.

Her Family and Children Details

Felicity Urquart and her ex-husband are parents to two lovely children.

Their two young daughters are Tia and Ellie. As of now, Tia is 8 years old and her sister Ellie is 7 years of age.

The family had a very rough time after a big surprising loss in the family.

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