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Gregory Cheadle

Gregory Cheadle

Gregory Cheadle is an American politician who was running for the primaries in California’s 1st Congressional District. He lost the primary elections and didn’t get a chance to advance into the generals. The politician was a representative of an Independent Party. 

Moreover, Cheadle is not a new name in politics. He was the person who went viral during the presidential elections in 2016. At the time, he was a Republican candidate for California. Then, presidential candidate, Donald Trump called him “my African American” in one of his campaigns. The president was giving a speech to the white crowd and Cheadle was the only black man in the VIP seat. So, Gregory Cheadle was singled out by Trump at a California rally. The news is back again as the date of the elections is approaching. 

Name Gregory Cheadle
Age 63 years
Gender Male
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Nationality American
Profession African American
Married/Single Unmarried
Education Degree in Psychology and Pre Med

10 Facts on Gregory Cheadle

  1. Gregory Cheadle is an American politician who ran for California’s 1st Congressional District independently. 
  2. He is mostly famous for being Trump’s “African American friend” which went viral during his campaign in 2016.
  3. However, he doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography until now. 
  4. The politician is not married at the moment. He had a girlfriend but they broke up when he went viral in 2016. 
  5. Hence, further facts about his family are not known yet. 
  6. The politician doesn’t come from decorated family background. He was a member of a middle class working family and did a lot of struggle getting to his position. 
  7. So, his net worth is not in exciting figures. However, the exact details of his net worth are not available.
  8. Gregory Cheadle was singled out by Donald Trump during the California rally in 2016. He was the only black man on the stand. 
  9. When Trump asked for a black supporter, Cheadle stood and said “I’m here.” Even though he meant it as a joke, he went viral and not in a good way. 
  10. As of now, the 63-year-old politician is a volunteer in the local ER Hospital as he has a degree in Psychology and Pre Med. 

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