Gui Khury Net Worth Age Wikipedia And Parents

Who is Gui Khury? Everything To Know

Who is Gui Khury? Everything To Know

Skateboarder Gui Khury is already a household name with a huge net worth. Find his age and Wikipedia detail here. 

Gui Khury is a 12 years old youngster from Brazil who becomes the youngest X Games Gold Medalist in Sporting Events History. Brazilian young boy Gui Khury is basically a skateboarder, who lands 1080 to win X Games gold medal.

 Talking about his current record, he has done something that no one has done it previously. He was competing against his childhood idol, Tony Hawk where he dared himself to do something impressive.

He dropped down the vert ramp, obtained some air, and then let physics acquire as he rotated 1080 degrees. After that, he becomes the first skater to do this move on a non-mega ramp.

His idol, Hawk clinch Khury who was wiping tears from his face. 

Including Hawk, he beat eight other contestants in the Vert Best Trick contest. Hawk was competing in the game for the first since 2003.

Gui Khury Net Worth – How Much Does The Skateboarder Make?

Gui Khury is a new sensation in the X Games and he will do much more than this to provide a tough competition to other competitors.

But, this young skater’s net worth and annual income are yet to be disclosed. Neither, we know about his parent’s net worth details.

At this time we can’t decide his net worth but he surely would have been paid some huge amount for his world record. Additionally, the Brazilian government is going to take care of all his expenses and training.

Gui Khury Age: How Old Is He?

Gui Khury of age 12 years old has already made his name in the X Games world.

He was born on December 18, 2008, in Curitiba, Brazil.

In 2011, his family moved to  Carlsbad, California, at that time he was 2 years old. Born in Curitiba, Brazil he holds Brazilian nationality.

Talking about his current height, he is 4ft and 8in tall.

Find Him On Wikipedia

Gold Medalist Gui Khury’s bio has been featured on the Wikipedia page. 

He owns a Wiki page that has mentioned all of his details.

He has started training at a young age and is playing professionally since 2019. His main encouragement was his father, and he trained at the YMCA in Encinitas, California, at the age of four.

For his daily updates, one can find him on Instagram.

Know Gui Khury Parents

Up to now, there is no information about Gui’s parents.

Neither, we know about his family members. He has kept private about his parent and family up to know. But as soon we find about them, we gonna update this column.

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