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Emma Race Age Wikipedia: How Old Is Andrew Maher Wife?

Emma Race Age Wikipedia: How Old Is Andrew Maher Wife?

Emma Race age is probably around the late 40s. She is best known as the wife of Andrew Maher. Get to know more about her Wikipedia details. 

Emma and Andrew are from Victoria, Australia. And they both love Football.

Emma Race Age: How Old Is She?

Emma Race’s age is not revealed.

Though her husband Andrew is currently 56 years of age, the two have been together for 13 years. Emma and Andrew have three children. Their kids are Millie, Sophie, and Phoebe, aged 13, 12, and 9, respectively, as of 2021.

First of all, Millie was born, Sophie was born 14 months later, then two years after came Phoebe.

Does Emma Race Have Wikipedia?

Emma Race does not have an official Wikipedia page.

But it’s the opposite for her husband. Andrew Maher has a Wikipedia page to his name. Andrew Maher’s wife, Emma is the host and producer of cult footy podcast The Outer Sanctum.

Emma and Andrew both share a love for Football. They are each supporters of the Carlton and Hawthorn football clubs.

They met in 2008 during the match between Carlton and Hawthorn. For Emma, Football is a cornerstone of her whole life. And she confessed that she loved the show Before the Game.

Emma along with her teammates kicked off the podcast, The Outer Sanctum in 2016.

The award-winning podcast talked about women in football. And Race said that Andrew had provided her with massive support helping the podcast to be successful. On March 5, 2019, Emma crowned Hawthorn’s No.1 ticket-holder.

It was during the Hawthorn Hawks AFL season launch at Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia.

What is Emma Race’s Net Worth?

Emma Race’s net worth is not mentioned on the internet.

Her husband who is a sports journalist and a broadcaster have a net worth of $5 million as of 2018. He is involved in popular TV shows like Fox Sports FC, The Front Bar, Before the Game, and The Fifth Quarter.

Andrew has been active for more than 20 years in the media.  The couple, especially Emma, loves Football very much. They even made a career out of it.

Emma is active on both Instagram and Twitter.

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