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Who Is Anthony the Molar Man On AGT? Meet Teeth Musician On Instagram

Who Is Anthony the Molar Man On AGT? Meet Teeth Musician On Instagram

Who is Anthony The Molar Man? Anthony is an AGT performer. Continue reading to know his age and real name.

Anthony is an artist from Massachusetts. He will be playing music on his teeth on AGT season 16.

Who is Anthony The Molar Man at AGT?

Anthony The Molar Man is an AGT Season 16 contestant.

The Molar Man is set to appear on America’s Got Talent in July 13 episode. He made it to the show after passing the auditions in February.

As a matter of fact, Anthony works as a mailman professionally. He serves the job in Woburn, Massachusetts. 

Besides, we have no idea for how long The Molar Man has been doing the job. There is very little information about his background available on the internet.

But the thing we care about is that Anthony plays music on his teeth. He has the interesting talent of producing any sort of music using his teeth.

No doubt, the AGT fans are excited to witness his talents on the show. They will be rushing to their TV tuning NBC at 8 pm on Tuesday night this week.

Anthony the Molar Man Age and Wiki- Where Is He From?

Anthony the Molar Man’s age seems over 40 years old.

But his exact birth date remains hidden for now. The above figure is just a guess judging his personality and appearance.

Actually, Anthony is from Peabody, Massachusetts. But he has not mentioned if he was born there.

The Molar Man belongs to the white ethnicity.

Meanwhile, Anthony celebrated the 19th anniversary with his wife Sara in May 2021. In addition, he has two daughters.

What is Anthony The Molar Man Real Name?

Anthony The Molar Man’s real name is Anthony Denucce.

His nickname Molar Man comes after his talent of playing music with his teeth. Besides, Anthony prefers to use his nickname as of now.

In fact, he has got a catchy moniker that will surely catch the attention of the judge and audience at Got Talent this season.

Meet The Molar Man on Instagram

Anthony is on Instagram as @anthony_molarman.

Denucce has got 741 followers watching his moves on Instagram as of now. He will earn some followers after his AGT performance for sure.

Besides, you can watch his talent on his Youtube channel too.

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