House And Jaidyn Leskie Case Update

Where Is Greg Domaszewicz Now? Case Update

Where Is Greg Domaszewicz Now? Case Update

Murder suspect Greg Domaszewicz has been on the run from his house now.

Greg Domaszewicz is an Australian mechanic who is a major suspect in the murder of Jaidyn Leskie. Although he has denied the claims, there has been evidence racking now. 

Greg Domaszewicz Now

Greg Domaszewicz is now said to be on the run.

He was ordered to appear in the Melbourne Court today regarding the case of Jaidyn Leskie but failed to do so. 

There has been no information on Greg Domaszewicz’s family or house till now.

Greg Domaszewicz: Case of Disappearance of Jaidyn Leskie

Jaidyn Leskie disappeared in 1997 when Greg Domaszewicz was in charge of babysitting him.

The little boy was the one-year-old son of Brett Leskie and Bilynda Williams.

The said man was the boyfriend of Bilyanda Williams at that time and had been babysitting baby Jaidyn while his mother went out for a drink with her sister.

After some time, the man had informed Bilyanda that Jaidyn had been injured and is in hospital. Later when he picked her up he didn’t allow her to visit him saying she was inebriated. 

Greg then informed the mother on another day, that Jaidyn had disappeared and he has been searching for him. 

They issued for the baby’s disappearance who was found six months later dumped on the Moe dam.

Was Greg Domaszewicz arrested?

Greg Domaszewicz had been arrested, exactly a month after Jaidyn disappeared on July 16, 1996.

Police and investigators found his behavior and story to be weird. He had told Jaidyn had been injured and was in hospital but then reported him to be missing to his mother later the day. 

He had also said that he was searching for him but had not reported the disappearance to the police when he had encountered one that day.

Although many people testified that the said man had shown aggression and violent behavior towards Jaidyn like beating him up or locking him up in dark rooms, due to lack of evidence he had been released not guilty in 1998. 

Now the case has been reopened and a warrant for Greg Domaszewicz has been issued. 


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