How Old Is Romeo Beckham New Girlfriend?

Mia Regan Age and Instagram: Romeo Beckham New Girlfriend Reveal

Mia Regan Age and Instagram: Romeo Beckham New Girlfriend Reveal

Fans and followers are avid to know Mia Regan age as she is seriously loved-up with Romeo Beckham. She is on the Storm model books and has a burgeoning social media profile.

Regan is a British model. She is most notable for being an Instagram model, modeling for edgy 90s inspired brands.

The young creative social media influencer has already caught the eye of numerous fashion giants including Marc Jacobs, Chaos Balmain, and so on.

Mia Regan Age: How Old Is Romeo Beckham New Girlfriend?

Mia Regan age is 18 years old.

Well, what do Beckham’s girlfriends all have in common? Beauty, glam, a dazzling tribe of Instagram follower,s and success propelling them towards him.

Likewise, Mia Regan is the latest addition to the Beckham clan who encapsulates all of these qualities and beyond.

She hails from Chip, near Bath, making her British by nationality.

Meet Fashion Sensation On Instagram

We can meet fashion sensation, Mia Regan on Instagram.

The Instagram handle of the British model is under the username on @mimimoocher. She already has a blue tick on her account.

So far now, she already has hoarded more than 372K followers. Also, she has 839 posts and 978 followings on her Instagram account.

You can catch her rad modeling pictures and insights on her Instagram.

Everything On Her Partner Romeo Beckham

Mia regan has been dating her partner Romeo officially since May 3, 2019.

As a matter of fact, it is unclear how the couple met. But, we assume it’s more likely would have been through running in the same social media circles.

The pair made their relationship public around September 2019. Ever since then, the couple are showing off their relationship and bonding on Instagram

There was a set back in their relationship during Covid-19 pandemic lockdown as they quarantined with their respective family. Again, on July 27 they shared a snap together, both enjoying holidays in Italy with Beckham’s family.

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