How Old Is Vancouver Mayor’s Wife In 2021?

Eileen Park Age: Get to know Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson Wife

Eileen Park Age: Get to know Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson Wife

Eileen Park is the Former Vancouver Governer Gregor Robertson’s wife. Park’s age seems to be in the 30s. 

The spouse of Canadian entrepreneur Gregor Robertson, she is the founder of Anecdotia Media, a video production firm.

Furthermore, Park has initially started her career in ABS news magazines as a freelance senior production associate.

Eileen Park Age: How Old Is Vancouver Mayor’s Wife In 2021?

Eileen Park’s age should be around 30-40 years. She celebrates her birthday on February 3.

Eileen is the second wife of Gregor Robertson. The couple met when Eileen was working as the Mayor of Portland’s communication director.

Their wedding held in the year 2020 with the presence of a marriage commissioner and only two close friends as a witness.

Eileen Park Wikipedia

Park does not have a Wikipedia page in her name. But we can find her on multiple websites.

She is a graduate of DePauw University. Eileen has also worked as a journalist and anchor for WNCN and KOIN-TV.

Until now, her net worth has not been mentioned anywhere. But as the owner of a firm with a successful journalism career, she must have earned a decent amount of money.

Eileen Ethnicity and Children

Eileen Park’s ethnicity is Asian. Since her grandparents are Korean immigrants.

Therefore she is of Korean heritage with American nationality.

It’s been a long time she has been raising her voice against racism. However, recently she has been the target of anti-Asian hate since her wedding article was published in the Vogue magazine.

The article highlighted their careers, courtship, and wedding ceremony. 

Prior to that, Park says she received mixed reviews from many people around the world. Some were admiring the couple whereas many were sickening.

Until now Eileen and Gregor do not have any children. However, Eileen has 4 step-children from Gregor’s first marriage. Their names are Jinagh, Hanna  Satchel, and Terra.

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