How To Get Teleport Effect, Step By Step

Teleport Filter TikTok Explained: How To Get Teleport Effect, Step By Step

Teleport Filter TikTok Explained: How To Get Teleport Effect, Step By Step

The Teleport Filter (TikTok) is a cool way to experience what teleportation may be like.

Teleportation might be possible in reality also, in the far future if we are being really optimistic but you can experience the next best thing which is the effect of teleportation on TikTok.

This filter allows users to ‘teleport’ or rather disappear and appear at a new place. While it may seem simple, the filter has gotten immense popularity. As a matter of fact, millions of people have used the effect, and even more, have viewed the videos made from it. 

It has also been used in a more era-appropriate way when people teleport from present-day earth to an apocalyptic plague-stricken version of the earth that doesn’t seem too far off of what is possible. 

Teleport Filter On TikTok: Explained

This filter allows users to change the background of their video while a “sci-fi like” array of beams covers the video creator during the transition or during the teleportation. Variations of the use of the filter have popped up everywhere as reported by this source. 

Further, the filter has an option to use any background you want which makes it more interesting when users show their creativity. Like people teleporting from modern Los Angeles to the 1800-era Southern USA while Old Town Road plays in the background is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Some celebrities like Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown have also taken part in the challenge which added to the appeal towards the sci-fi crowd. 


did not know i had this effect on. this is why I’m not meant for tok tik

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Due to the interesting nature of the filter, it has gathered immense popularity. As a matter of fact, the filter’s hashtag (#teleport) has amassed a staggering 2.7 Billion as of August 2020. The timing of the filter could not have been better as people were stuck at home in quarantine when it blew up. 

People made all sorts of videos imagining where they would go to next right from the comfort of their home. From more common travel destinations to sarcastically commenting on 2020 by ‘teleporting’ to a restaurant, this trend really was made for the pandemic. 


I know my outfit needs ironing… but this ##quarantine got me lazy ##lockdown ##placestovisit ##australia ##fyp

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How To Get Teleport Effect: Step By Step Guide

TikTok’s filter is the easiest way to teleport, as of 2020 that is, all you need is a cell phone and an internet connection. With those in place, follow these easy steps to get the teleportation filter:

  1. Find a video with the #teleport tag or any of the TikTok videos listed here, then open the video and make sure you are using a mobile app to open it. 
  2. In the TikTok video locate the teleport effect which should be listed above the username of the creator whose video you are watching. 
  3. Open the effect and use it in your video, you will have to hold out your hand for the teleportation effect to work. In other words, you will be teleported if you hold out our hands. 
  4. If you can’t find the effect use a VPN to change your location to where TikTok is supported, it is kind of ironic that the teleportation filter is not available in all locations. 

Alternative Method to Get Teleport Filter On TikTok

Another alternative way to get the effect according to JYPSY, is by finding it from the camera section, open the camera from TikTok, and find the effects section. There you will see a special effects section, locate the special effects, when you click on the teleport effect, it will show you some background you can use or an option to add your own background. 


Thanks to @nikkydaves for this idea, she needs to be correct and awake 😭💔##greenscreen ##teleport ##fyp ##bigbrothernaija ##bbnaija ##nigeria ##teamtennie

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Be sure to hold your hand out to kick the teleportation into effect and as a suggestion, time it with the bass drop of a song to give it that extra entertaining punch.  



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