How to get the BET Award filter on TikTok?

BET Award filter Explained: How to get the BET Award filter on TikTok?
BET Award filter Explained: How to get the BET Award filter on TikTok?

New filter, BET Award is now on TikTok. Probably, the creators made this filter to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the popular American award show, BET Awards. You can enjoy this filter and make the videos you want. Like any other filter, this one is also amazing to make videos. This filter is the simple replica of the celebs giving a speech after receiving an award. A mike with fancy music and the background appears on this filter. In the background, it is written as “20 BET AWARDS”.

Let’s know a little history about BET Awards to know more about this filter. The BET Awards is an American award show which was started in the year 2001. Actually, it was started for the African and American minorities to praise them for their music, sports, acting, and others. It was made by the Black Entertainment Television network. And the 20th BET Awards was held just days ago.

Like always this year too, there were many celebrities attending this award ceremony. Some celebrities presented the awards while some received the awards and gave wonderful speeches. Most importantly, Beyonce won the humanitarian award this year and she gave a speech about the election and votes. She urged the Americans to vote in the election through her speech as it matters very much.

BET Award Filter Explained

BET Award filter is a new filter where you can get the vibes of receiving an award and you can enjoy the moment by giving the speech or doing whatever you like and recording the video. It’s very fun. Try it and give some wonderful speech. While seeing the video, you’ll really feel like a celebrity who just won an award.

Actually, you can also make some hilarious speeches like celebrities do and enjoy yourself while seeing the recorded video. Make the video like you really mean it feeling you really won the award. You will definitely enjoy it. Check out this TikTok.


Bored in the house should’ve gotten all them nominations 😂💀##betawards ##boredinthehouse ##curtisroach ##laugh ##fyp

♬ original sound – curtisroach

How To Get The BET Award Filter On TikTok?

It’s pretty easy to get the BET Award filter like other filters. All you have to do is follow these steps exactly in the way its mentioned.

  • At first, open your TikTok application and then go to your discover page.
  • From your discover page, click on the search bar and type “my bet awards”.
  • Many videos will come with “my bet awards” filter used.
  • Select any one video and click on that.
  • Then you will see the small yellow icon at the bottom left of the video which is actually effet icon.
  • Click on that icon and it will lead you to the effect page.
  • The lick on the record button and make the video you want.

Give some amazing speeches you want. Like “I’d like to thank my partner and my parents in believing me”. Or something like that and enjoy the moment.

How To Use The BET Award Filter On Tik Tok?

As mentioned earlier, follow the steps to use the BET Award filter on TikTok and make the video. After you applied the filter, enjoy and deliver the speeches you want. Feel like a celebrity. In just one day of the creation of this filter, many TikTok users have used it. And they are getting good number of views, likes, and responses from the viewers.

You can also entertain your viewers with this filter. Actually, giving speeches about your fan and viewers is also a pretty good idea. Use this filter to thank your viewer for their support. I’m sure this will make your relation with your fan more strong.

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