Is Actor Kevin Caliber Married? Wikipedia, Age, Height, Wife, Instagram

Kevin Caliber

Kevin Caliber

Kevin Caliber is an award-winning professional American actor and producer. He is also popular as a fitness model.

Kevin is known for his remarkable roles in different movies such as ‘Supergirl’, ‘Future Man’, ‘Welcome to Hell’, ‘The Campus’ and many more. Kevin is active in different fields such as modeling, acting, stunting e.t.c Let’s see some interesting facts of the great actor Kevin Caliber below.

Name Kevin Caliber
Birthday April 2
Age 38
Gender Male
Height 6’1”
Weight 180 lbs
Nationality American
Profession Actor
Instagram kevincaliber

10 Facts On Kevin Caliber

  1. Kevin Caliber is a professional actor born in St. Louis, Missouri, US on April 2, 1982. As of 2020, Kevin is 38 years old with the birth sign ‘Aries’.
  2. Is Actor Kevin Caliber Married? Talking about his relationship status, some site has mentioned about Kevin being married to a singer and songwriter Kati-Caliber however this seems just a rumor because there are no pieces of evidence of it on the internet.
  3. Moreover, Kevin is recently in a relationship with ‘Ashley‘ as he posted her pictures on his Instagram account.
  4. The fine actor Kevin is still not on Wikipedia. However, he has his IMDB profile on the internet.
  5. The dashing actor stands at the height of six feet one inch according to the IMDB site.
  6. Kevin Caliber loves playing music. He was a former bass player for the rock band ‘Disober’.
  7. Kevin has always been a fitness lover. He works out really hard to maintain his attractive and muscular body.
  8. Kevin started his career in the film industry since he played the role ‘Kal-El’ in the 2015 television series ‘Supergirl’.
  9. Kevin is also a Marathon runner since he is a fitness lover. He loves weight lifting and is a competitive weight lifter. Kevin likes to be very versatile. Thus he likes working as a Stuntman, book cover model, and as a fitness model for different magazines. 
  10. The versatile personality actor is available on Instagram as ‘kevincaliber‘ where he has more than twenty thousand followers.

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