Is Fabian Delph House In Manchester? Arrest Charges And Family Life

Is Fabian Delph House In Manchester? Former Man City Player Sparks Suspection Of Arrest

Is Fabian Delph House In Manchester? Former Man City Player Sparks Suspection Of Arrest

Is Fabian Delph house in Manchester? He used to live in the Manchester city once. 

Delph is an English football player, who plays as a midfielder for Everton. Likewise, he is also a member of England’s national team.

However, the athlete is making headlines for another reason these days. Apparently, he was arrested in the child sexual abuse case. 

Is Fabian Delph House In Manchester?

Fabian Delph house was in Manchester up to 2019.

Delph signed the contract with PL Club Manchester City on July 17, 2015. Since players are required to stay in the city of their respective football club, Fabian used to live in Manchester. 

In 2019, he transferred to another club, Everton. In accord with his career, the football player might have shifted his house close to Everton, which is located in Liverpool.  

However, Fabian has never revealed his getaway house. He is moving from place to place due to his profession. 

As a child, Fabian Delph grew up in his house in Bradford, Yorkshire. He eventually moved away from his home to join Leeds United. 

Fabian Delph Arrest: What are His Charges?

Fabian Delph was arrested on charges of child sexual offences. 

According to recent reports, the UK police handcuffed the football player on June 16, 2021. Delph was accused of a history of sexually abusing children.

At first, the officials had not revealed the identity of the person. They had only mentioned a 31 years old man and Premier League football player.

However, the involvement of an Everton player became clear after they released a statement. The club also stated that they suspended a first-team star over the sexual offence cases.

Initially, people had speculated the suspect was another 31-year-old Everton player, Gylfi Sigurdsson. However, Sigurdsson’s wife soon ruled out his name. 

This left Fabian Delph as the PL Player arrested in Manchester. Nonetheless, the full report is not out yet. 

Update on Fabian Delph Family Life

Fabian Delph spends his family life with his wife Natalie. 

The couple instantly fell in love after meeting each other in 2013. Likewise, Delph was playing for Aston Villa at that time.

Natalie and Fabian tied the knot just after months. Now, Fabian Delph is a father to his three children. 

It is estimated that Fabian Delph adds a net worth of £10 million pounds as a player for Everton. He signed a three-year contract with the team in 2019. Prior to that, he used to earn £8 million as a Manchester City player. 

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