Is Goodtimeswithscar Married? Merch, Wife, Disability, Net Worth, Instagram

Is Goodtimeswithscar Married? Merch, Wife, Disability And Facts To Know About

Is Goodtimeswithscar Married? Merch, Wife, Disability And Facts To Know About

Goodtimeswithscar is a YouTuber and Twitch streamer who has been uploading gaming videos for a long time now. He had around 1.35 million subscribers on his official YouTube channel and around 207 thousand followers on his official Twitch account. The only game he plays and streams is Minecraft

Name Goodtimeswithscar
Birthday August 19, 1982
Age 38
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Gamer, YouTuber, Twitch Streamer, Former Swimmer
Siblings 1 brother
Instagram @goodtimeswithscar
Twitter @GTWScar
Youtube GoodTimesWithScar
Facebook @GoodTimesWithScar

Is Goodtimeswithscar disabled? According to reports claimed by Hermicraft Fandom, Goodtimeswithscar has been suffering from a neuromuscular disease which is the main reason why he is seen using a wheelchair. Apart from just that, it has been known that he also has dyslexia and thus requires external oxygen to breathe. Even with such difficulties, he has shown the world that you can achieve anything you want if you have the determination to do so. 

10 Facts on Goodtimeswithscar:

  1. Goodtimeswithscar’s family is very supportive and in fact, he has a brother who is always there for him. 
  2. Speaking about his social media accounts, he is active on Instagram (94.2 thousand followers), Facebook (7.6 thousand fans following), and Twitter (129 thousand followers).
  3. As he was born on August 19, 1982, he is currently 38 years old already. 
  4. Since he was born and raised in Washington, USA, his nationality is known to be American. 
  5. According to Goodtimeswithscar’s bio on Famous Birthdays, he was a swimmer during his time in high school. 
  6. As per Minecraft, he is considered to be a landscape builder. 
  7. Moreover, we have found out that he owns a pet cat named Jellie
  8. According to his birthday, he has the zodiac sign of Leo.
  9. Furthermore, there is nothing really to know about his education, ethnicity, parents, love life but we are trying to find each of this information and we will publish them as soon as possible. 
  10. Although you cannot find Goodtimeswithscar on Wikipedia, we hope you have found out everything about him from our article.

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