Is Jschlatt Homophobic? Jschlatt Arrested Over Racial Slurs

Is Jschlatt Arrested Over Racial Slur? Here’s Everything We Know

Is Jschlatt Arrested Over Racial Slur? Here’s Everything We Know

Why was Jschlatt arrested? Many people say he is homophobic but is this the reason for his arrest. Continue to know more.

Jschlatt is a famous American Youtuber. He is mostly recognized as a Minecraft streamer and is considered one of the most controversial web stars.

In fact, Jschlatt has faced multiple calls for cancellation over the past few months. He has gained a negative reputation of being a racist. 

Similarly, he is notable for using a funny microphone Logitech C920. This makes his jokes even more hilarious that differentiates him from others.

Is Jschlatt Arrested?

Jschlatt was arrested for rash driving.

He shared the news on his Twitter handle. The tweet is dated June 11, 2021.

Is Jschlatt Homophobic? 

Jschlatt is homophobic and Racist.

The criticism has gone so bad that people are unironically using Jschlatt as a trigger warning.

Jschalatt had also shown his hatred against Barack Obama by posting his memes on the Instagram handle.

In recent weeks people have been rallying to cancel his account accounts for concerns of racism, transphobia, and other factors.

Age and Height

Jschlatt’s age is 21 years old as of June 2021.

He was born in the year 2001. Likewise, his birthday falls on September 10.

According to astrology, he belongs to the Virgo sign. Jschlatt was born to a Christian family from New York. He is of White ethnicity.

Jschlatt’s height is 6 feet 3 inches. His weight is estimated to be 70 Kgs.

Jschlatt Wikipedia and Real Name

Jschlatt’s real name is Johnathan Schlatt but has no Wikipedia.

He is a Computer Science student who studied Cyber Security during his college time.

There are rumors about him being a student with a debt of around $90 thousand. He has often stated that he has attended Harvard University.

Jschlatt became famous after he released a video in 2014. He rose to fame when his video “Elon r u ok” became viral.

The SMP live streamer and co-host podcast Sleep Deprived is popular for Minecraft Video titled A Tribute To Minecraft.

Furthermore, the popular streamer has been reported to have Parkinson’s disease.

Jschlatt Net Worth

Jschlatt’s net worth is $103,000 as of 2021.

He earns a good sum of money from his streaming and merchandise sales.


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