Is Monica Specogna Man or Woman?

Who Is Mark Weinberger Italian Girlfriend? Meet Monica Specogna

Who Is Mark Weinberger Italian Girlfriend? Meet Monica Specogna

Is Monica Specogna a man or woman? Monica’s gender is female as the name suggests. She is the Italian girlfriend of Mark Weinberger.

NBC has picked up an infamous story of a surgeon Dr. Mark Weinberger. The doctor was accused of medical malpractice and fraud back in the days. In fact, he was on the run for over 5 years.

During his time in Italy, he met Monica Specogna. Since then, they had been together and running from the authority until being free.

Monica Specogna Gender: Man or Woman

Monica Specogna is a woman as suggested by her name.

Although there are questions about Monica Specogna’s gender and if she is a man.

Some even think Monica is a trans. Nothing suggests she is transgender though.

For that matter, discussions are going on about her as she is yet to make any problem public appearance. So, there is not much information about her at the moment.

Monica was the person who gave the whereabouts of her boyfriend, Dr. Weinberger who is a convicted medical fraud. NBC show Dateline covers his story in an episode that is to air on Channel 5 today.

The facts about Monica still remain under review as she has not revealed any details about herself until now. The sources are also keeping her details a secret.

Monica Specogna Wikipedia Bio

Monica Specogna doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography.

It is recently that she started gaining a lot of the spotlight. It was the NBC show that put light upon her whereabouts eventually leading to Dr. Mark Weinberger. The officials are still discussing the details about the convicted criminal who was in the wind for a long time.

Monica Specogna and Dr. Mark Weinbeger: Where are they now?

Monica Specogna is recognized as Weinberger’s Italian girlfriend. It was her who revealed Weinbeger’s whereabouts.

It has come to light that the former surgeon is currently based in Florida. Apparently, he still goes by the doctor tag but has involved in Yoga and spiritual medicine.

Mark Weinberger was convicted for more than 20 counts of medical fraud, one leading to the death of a teenage girl.

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