Is TikTok Star Dead Or Alive?

Mayengg03 Death Video Hoax Explained: Is TikTok Star Dead Or Alive?

Mayengg03 Death Video Hoax Explained: Is TikTok Star Dead Or Alive?

Mayengg03 death video got viral in TikTok in a very short time after its release. Read the full article to find information about the hoax shown in the video.

Mayengg03 is the profile name of the tik toker who uploaded the decapitation video recently in TikTok.

she is a tiktoker who posts different content videos and other dancing videos to entertain people.

She wasn’t that famous but after she posted a video of the girl decapitated she instantly got virl and the video started gathering thousands of views,

As the video was quite scandalous TikTok removed it in a meantime saying that it violated the terms of their policies.

Who Is Mayeng03?

Mayeng03 is a teenage tiktoker.

She is from Paranaque.

After her video got viral people are searching about her on any site possible. Fans are eagerly waiting to find out the story behind the video. Many are questioning if the video was real or some graphically designed to get viral.

She is not found to be using any other social sites under the same name. Investigations are going on and we hope we will find more information about her after some time.

What Is In The Video?

In the video is the slaughter of a young girl who was dancing.

In the video, for a few seconds, a young woman is seen dancing to the rhythm of the song “I am going in tonight” by StarBoi3 and Doja Cat.

But her dance only lasts for some seconds as a scene of brutal death is immediately shown.

A man was seen slicing a girl’s throat whose hand was tied with a rope inside a room in an unknown location. The video took the whole internet into the storm and got viral immediately.

Is TikTok Star Dead or Alive?

For no apparent reason, questions start rumbling if the TikToker is dead or alive. 

Fans were confused if the girl who was killed in the video was the TikToker herself.

But we would like to make it clear that TikToker who made the video is alive and the video featured some other women getting slaughtered.

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