Jane Blasio Wikipedia Age Husband

Jane Blasio Wikipedia Age Husband – Who Are Her Birth Parents?

Jane Blasio Wikipedia Age Husband – Who Are Her Birth Parents?

Is Jane Blasio on Wikipedia? No, she is not. Read the article to learn about her birth parents and age. 

Jane was one of the “Hicks Babies” who Dr. Thomas Hicks sold from a clinic in small-town McCaysville, Georgia.

Today, she is an investigator, and she broke open the case of the illegal adoptions. Blasio is now considered an expert in black-market adoption.

Jane Blasio Wikipedia

Jane Blasio is absent from Wikipedia. 

She is an American actress as well as a prime investigator of Illegal Adoption. Jane has gained popularity for exposing the Hicks clinic, which illegally sells babies. 

She learned at a young age she was adopted, but her research took her down a surprising path when she met up with a judge who discovered 200 babies were sold from Hicks Community Clinic to adoptive parents in Akron, Ohio, 

Further, Blasio was raised in Akron, Ohio, and studied criminal justice and English at the University of Akron.

At present, she works as a professional investigator and TV personality, according to her website. She was featured on TLC’s three-part series, Taken At Birth, which originally aired in 2019.

Moreover, Jane continues her efforts in 2021 to help the other Hicks Babies find their biological roots through her website and McCaysville Lost & Found.

Blasio has written a book “Taken At Birth,” which was released on July 13. 

Know Jane Age: How Old Is She?

Jane Blasio’s age is 56 years old. 

Further, Jane’s other birth details have not been mentioned on any internet pages. 

Jane Blasio Husband

Sources claim that Blasio is married, but she has not revealed her partner or husband.

Her husband’s name and details remain a mystery for now. 

Who Are Her Birth Parents?

Jane Blasio was taken at birth by her adoptive parents, but there is no information regarding her birth parents. 

Blasio started searching for her biological parents after the death of her adoptive mother. 

Furthermore, Jane visited McCaysville multiple times but could not break through until she met a probate judge who discovered the truth.

Moreover, she was raised by Jim and Joan as her adopted parents. 

According to People, “My parents bought a child in a way that gave me no option but to search and possibly find no answers,” she says. “That’s not love; that’s desperation.”

Jane Blasio Net Worth

Blasio’s net worth is undiscovered. 

She is an investigator and a TV personality which explains her net worth must be over thousand to million dollars annually. 

Meet Her On Instagram

Yes, Jane has an Instagram account under the username @janeblasiobonafide. 

Jane has gained over 2k followers on her IG handle. 

She seems to be quite active on her feeds and shared everything on her Instagram. 

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