Joffa Corfe Wife Age, Wikipedia And Net Worth: Was he Arrested?

Why Was Collingwood Superfan Joffa Corfe Arrested? Here Are The Details

Why Was Collingwood Superfan Joffa Corfe Arrested? Here Are The Details

After his arrest people wonder what was Joffa Corfe wife reaction. His lawsuit has come as a surprise to many people. 

Joffa Corf, aka Jeff Joffa Corf, is the superfan of Collingwood Football Club. However, he is recently involved in Whirpool of allegations and legal cases. 

Explore Joffa Corfe Wife and Family

Joffa Corfe and his wife are separated for now.

Reports suggest that Corfe is living a single life. Nonetheless, he has a daughter named Emma. Emma was diagnosed with Epilepsy when she was just 13 years old.  

Corfe’s age is 60 years old.

The superfan was born on July 7, 1960. Likewise, he grew up in Melbourne along with his 6 siblings.

On the other hand, both of his parents, June Murphy and Robert Corfe, were alcoholism and drug addiction, victims. 

Joffa’s Wikipedia: Was He Arrested?

Joffa Corfe’s Wikipedia page is also available.

Corfe is very popular as the AFL team, Collingwood F.C’s cheer squad leader. He came into the highlight as the owner of the “Gold Jacket” from 2002 to 2010.

Joffa was recently arrested for child sex charges.

On May 6, 2021, the victoria police arrested the superfan from Abbotsford. Apparently, it has been alleged that Joffa had abused a 14 years old boy in 2005. Furthermore, he is scheduled to appear in court for 2 child sexual offenses in July 2021.

Previously, Corfe had received a backlash for his racist comments. His statement on Indian age care workers had received massive criticism from fans. Likewise, Collingwood had already cut ties with Joffa after the events. 

After the new allegations, Collingwood has again come forward condemning his behavior. Likewise, they have also decided to keep the matters closed before the court decision.

His Net Worth

Joffa Corfe’s net worth yields a decent fortune.

He is currently employed as a welfare worker and serves as the Anchorage Hostel. Similarly, he was also a star of the film “Joffa: The Movie.” Moreover, he also has a book published under his name titled Joffa: Isn’t That Life?”

Apart from this, Joffa was also involved in charity works with the Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria. However, the recent allegations have brought many scrutinies on his behavior. 

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