John Mushet – Charlie Dimmock Partner, Are They Still Married?

John Mushet – Charlie Dimmock Partner, Are They Still Married?

John Mushet – Charlie Dimmock Partner, Are They Still Married?

Are John Mushet and Charlie Dimmock married? They share a strong partner bond for 13 years. Get to know everything about John Children and net worth details. 

John Mushet is also a garden pond merchant. 

Who is John Mushet?

John Mushet is a Viticulturist and a winemaker. 

He has not disclosed his age details, but he must be in his late 60’s.

Moreover, Mushet was also a pond merchant and has worked as a loader in the Auckland airport.

Further, John was mainly known as the lover of Charlie Dimmock.

Get to know Charlie Dimmock 

Charlie Dimmock was born on August 10, 1966. Currently, she is 54 years old. 

She first appeared in Ground Force in her early 30’s. 

Moreover, it is believed that Charlie isn’t currently in a relationship and is not engaged with any partner at the moment. 

Charlie’s media work is a lot less weighty than it was 20 years ago.

She only presents for Garden Rescue and not in every episode.

In fact, Charlie disappeared from TV for 10 years before returning with Garden Rescue in 2016.

Dimmock is now one of the regular faces in the current sixth season of the BBC series. 

Are They Still Married?

No, John Mushet and Charlie Dimmock are not married. 

Although John called her “the missus,” they were never married. 

The couple first met when Charlie was traveling in New Zealand in the early 90s.

After 13 years of intimacy, the couple split when Charlie was found to be in a relationship with Ground Force microphone operator Andy Simmons in 2001.

Further, Charlie admitted that she was too old for marriage and is happy remaining single.

Details on John Mushet Family and Children

Unfortunately, there is no information on John Mushet’s family and children. 

He has not been seen in the limelight after his separation from Charlie. 

There is no source to clarify his whereabouts. 

What Is His Net Worth? 

His net worth is unknown. 

Moreover, he is an experienced Viticulturist, which explains that John must have acquired useful assets during his lifetime. 

According to Glassdoor, “The national average salary for a Viticulturist is $65,833 in the United States.

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